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Today I am telling you something about abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can be caused by many reasons. Abdominal pain is sudden, and you are shocked but do not understand how or why this abdominal pain. Some abdominal pain is seen in the upper abdomen, and sometimes it occurs in the middle abdomen or lower abdomen. Sometimes the abdominal pain moves from the abdomen to the back. This is today's blog.

Abdominal Pain

Different types of Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can sometimes occur normally, for example, if we eat the wrong food at the wrong time, then for a long time, as a result of this wrongdoing, a kind of stomach ache occurs, that is, our stomach cannot work properly in a phased manner (STOMACH PROBLEM), then a kind of twisting causes stomach ache. If you have this kind of abdominal pain due to peristaltic movement, you must have regular diet and eat moderate food.

Now I come to the type of abdominal pain that usually occurs in the lower abdomen. Lower abdominal pain can be caused by many reasons, women have one reason, men have one reason. If there is pain in the lower abdomen on the left side, then either he has stool accumulation, or CONSTIPATION, and women can have pain in that abdomen due to an OVARIAN CYST. If there is pain in the lower abdomen on the right side, it may be due to the appendix or in women, the pain may be due to the ovarian cyst on the right side. There are also more, such as a pelvic inflammatory disease or kidney stone or urinary bladder stone accumulation, or there is an infection in the urine, because of which there may be pain on the right side of the lower abdomen. Also, any trauma can cause lower abdominal pain.

If the abdominal pain is around the navel, the abdominal pain is usually from indigestion. Sometimes, an umbilical hernia can also cause abdominal pain around the navel. In addition, there are traumatic reasons

Abdominal pain in the upper abdomen or just below the chest is usually a stomach ache. If the pain is on the right side, it is liver pain, and if it is on the left side, the pain may be spleen pain or pancreas pain. Apart from this, even if there is a serious infection, overall abdominal pain can occur

If the right upper abdominal pain moves to the back, then be aware that the pain may be due to GALLSTONE, or sometimes CHOLECYSTITIS. There needs to be an ultrasonography. There are many types of gallstones and how to manage them and what to treat, I have told in another blog, please check it out.

If the pain is in the upper abdomen and lower abdomen, the pain is radiating down the middle, or the pain is excruciating, then it is usually a KIDNEY STONE. For this, if you take an x-ray or a CT scan, you will understand what is actually happening there. A urine test is also recommended. If there is an infection in the urine, it will be caught. Usually, people who have had a urinary infection for a long time can also experience such pain. But if there is a URINARY INFECTION, usually a low-grade fever at night, it may come with chills. Besides, there will be irritation at the place of urination.

Again, if there is pain in the appendix, the pain may be referred to the navel. If the appendix is severely inflamed, it is likely to rupture. From there, the infection spreads or can go to the whole body. In that case, the entire abdomen will become PERITONITIS, and pain will begin. So if there is pain in the appendix, a barium meal follows through will tell if it is due to an infection of the APPENDIX, then it should be treated immediately.

Progressive abdominal pain

Abdominal pain that gradually worsens over time is usually severe and often accompanied by the development of other symptoms. Causes of progressive abdominal pain are:

Crohn's disease
Gallbladder cancer
Enlarged spleen (splenomegaly)
Kidney cancer
Pancreatic cancer
High urea level in blood (Uremia)
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Stomach cancer


Today in this blog I told you about several possible stomach pains. If you read this blog carefully, you will know many reasons for your stomach pain. If you have any more questions, you can write them at the end of this blog, I will try to answer them.

Thank you

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