Cirrhosis of Liver: Expert Homeopathy

Cirrhosis of Liver

What is Cirrhosis of liver?

It is an ongoing diffuse illness, portrayed by the annihilation of parenchymal cells, fibrosis, and nodular degeneration of the excess and in this manner, the liver doesn't work as expected for an extended period of time.


Portal Cirrhosis
Biliary Cirrhosis


Alcohol: The important cause in all countries.

Diet: Deficient in lipotropic components, protein lack, food foreign substances, supported the admission of plant and contagious alkaloids.

Serum hepatitis: In 10% of cases, hepatitis B could also be the cause.

Congestive cardiovascular infection, ongoing aloof clog on account of disappointment, persistent venous serge impediments.

Indian childhood cirrhosis, primary biliary cirrhosis...


Gradual weakness and loss of weight
gradual swelling of the abdomen and feet
hematemesis [Blood vomiting]
Malena [Blood during passing stool]


Gynecomastia or male breast
Impotency [male erectile dysfunction]
There is a loss of libido
Sterility [Difficulties in childbirth]
Amenorrhea [Absence of Menstruation]


Facies: Hepatic facies- Sunken eyes

Another sign is sunken Malar Bone - one among the bone of the face just seems like a skeleton.

The conjunctiva is always yellowish

The muddy complexion of the face is like dysentery patients.

Jaundice: May be present

The Palmer Erythema and spider nevus could also be present

Edema, Pitting type [means depressed when press by figure]

The cutaneous hemorrhage [hemorrhage under the skin] could also be present due to hypoprothrombinemia [one among the protein]

Abdomen Blotted


Liver Function Test [LFT]

Ultra-Sonography of the whole abdomen [USG]

Routine Examination Blood [RE Blood]

Liver Scan

The Ba meal X-ray for Esophageal or Gastric varices.

Ascetic Fluid Aspiration test.

Liver Biopsy.



Anemia should be corrected. If necessary, blood transfusion is advised.

Manage low salt with nutritious foods.

The drainage of Ascetic fluid should advise if there's a cardio-respiratory problem.


CARDUUS MARINUS: Remember this medicine for liver cancer.

CHINA:  In this medicine, the liver is swollen and enlarged with jaundice and filled with gas on palpation.

LYCOPODIUM: This is another good medicine for liver affection and mainly right-sided affection. Generally gas in the lower abdomen, a little mouthful fills the abdomen 

CHELIDONIUM MAJUS 6X: Any type of liver disease, this medicine is best, generally left-sided affection and pain radiating under the inner angle of the right scapula.

THUJA OC. 30 - Two drops in the empty stomach a day for hepatitis to continue. Because it has an antiviral effect.

If bleeding occurs

HAMAMELIS VIR 3 - If there is bleeding for esophageal varices, two drops at 6 hours interval until bleeding subsided because it is a great antihemorrhagic medicine

NB; Doctor's consultation is usually getting priority

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