When CRP is high - Definition, Treatment, Symptoms

Definition of CRP

It is an inflammatory marker within the body and produced in the liver, measuring by biopsy for CRP. When there's gross inflammation [single part or whole parts of living body could also be external or internal, are redness, hot, pain, swelling] occurs in living body, then body release a marker or biomarker in blood, that's C-reactive protein. In the acute phase, its level will rise in response to inflammation.... during this phase, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate [ESR] or Platelet count may increase...

CRP is high

Sign and Symptoms when CRP is high

There may or might not any signs or symptoms for its rise. But once we may suspect there's an infection or any inflammation in our body, we do investigate CRP.
Yet, there may be pain or redness persists or future disease, etc. So it's a marker that shown, there's inflammation in our body, get ALERT.

Diseases with high CRP

Any sort of infection which create inflammation in our body
Inflammatory diseases like atrophic arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, SLE [Systemic lupus erythematous], Cellulitis, Cancer, Deep infection, etc.
If biopsy suggests, there is an elevated ESR or Platelet count, then choose blood for CRP test once.

Normal value of CRP

Less than 3 mg/L..... More than 3 mg/L indicates Inflammation...

How can CRP be lowered?

Some advice here and there for this condition, but I often decreased this condition with some advice...
Good and simply digestible food intake
Find the precise CRP level and also determine the causation of high CRP with the assistance of Physician
Treat the disease accordingly
Homeopathic medicines should be advisable permanently result.

What is a CRP test?

The CRP test quantifies the amount of C-reactive proteins in the blood. At the point when there is irritation or disease anyplace in the body, the body produces C receptive protein. The liver is the primary organ that releases C reactive protein. This protein circulates in the bloodstream in response to infection or injury. Excess circulating CRP can cause swelling and redness in an injured or infected area.
A CRP test can also help determine your risk of developing heart disease, especially coronary artery disease, which can lead to heart attack.
CRP has likewise been distinguished as a huge marker for Covid-19.
An elevated CRP level can be a sign of inflammation in the body.

CRP and Covid-19 results:

According to several studies, the normal range of CRP in the blood is less than 5 mg/L. However, many patients with COVID-19 have significantly high CRP levels, ranging from 20 to 50 mg/liter.
Various studies have also shown that individuals with severe COVID-19 infection had significantly higher blood levels of CRP than those with milder COVID-19 infection.
A significantly elevated CRP level may indicate the need for hospitalization and intensive therapy.

Recommended Homeopathic Medicine, treatment

PYROGEN 30,200 One dose twice during a day in the acute phase
ECHENESIA Q 20 drops with a half cup of water twice daily until CRP lowers down.
This medicine immediate brings down the high CRP.
BELLADONNA 6 one dose two times during a day.
👉 I claim these medicines are the best and highly recommended for high CRP along with associate treatment. I prescribe many times for high CRP in any disease. Echenesia Q is a blood purifier and can quick down the high CRP.
(One dose means 2 drops)
[NB:: All vials should be sealed vial. And one dose means 2 drops... Physician's consultation should be needed during this condition]


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