Are you suffering from constipation !


Infrequent evacuation of feces or stoppage happens when defecations become less continuous and stools become hard to pass. It happens regularly in light of changes in diet or timetable, or due to lacking confirmation of fiber. You should call your private practitioner in the event that you have extreme agony, blood in your stools, or clogging that endures longer than three weeks.


About Constipation

Having less than three defecations in seven days, actually, the meaning of clogging. In any case, how frequently you go fluctuates broadly from one individual to another. A few groups have solid discharges a few times each day while others have them simply one to two times each week. Whatever your defecation design is, it's remarkable and typical for you – as long as you don't wander excessively far from your example.

Notwithstanding your gut plan, one fact is certain: the more you go before you "go," the more irksome it becomes for stool/poop to pass. Other key highlights that normally characterize stoppage include:

Your stools are dry and hard
Your defecation is excruciating and stools are hard to pass
You have a tendency that you have not totally cleansed your internal parts

How it forms

Clogging happens on the grounds that your colon retains a lot of water from squandering (stool/crap), which dries out the stool making it hard in consistency and hard to push out of the body. 

To back up a piece, as food typically travels through the stomach-related parcel, supplements are consumed. The halfway processed food (squander) that remains moves from the small digestive system to the internal organ, additionally called the colon. The colon assimilates water from this waste, which makes a strong matter called stool. In the event that you have clogging, food may move too gradually through the stomach-related lot. This gives the colon additional time – a lot of time – to retain water from the waste. The stool gets dry, hard, and difficult to push out...

  1. Colonic constipation
  2. Dyschezia (directive relax and stooling along with constipation)

Colonic constipation
Delay through colon due to deficient propulsive movements

Etiology / causation
  1. Deficient movement from inadequate stimulation of the colon from lack of fecal bulk due to less intake of food
  2. Excessive purgatives
  3. Severe dehydration due to any cause
  4. Hypothyroidism
  5. Strictures of bowels
  6. Carcinoma
  7. Diverticulosis
  8. Depressive illness
  9. Drugs like antidepressants


  1. Habitual failure to empty the rectum
  2. Improper training in childhood
  3. Insufficient lavatory accommodation
  4. Persistent negligence in responding to the call for defecation
  5. Lack of bulk or roughage fibers in the diet
  6. Weakness of muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor
  7. The posture of defecation- best posture is squatting position

  1. There are less than three defecations per week. 
  2. The stools are dry, hard as well as uneven. 
  3. The stools are troublesome or difficult to pass. 
  4. There may be a stomach throb or spasms. 
  5. Sometimes the patient feels swelled and queasy. 
  6. The patient feels that has not totally purged your guts after a development.
  7. Sometimes no symptoms except discomfort due to retained stools

  1. For regular stooling need a regular diet
  2. Diet should be full of fibers
  3. Intake plenty of drinking water at least 4 litters in 24 hours
  4. Should not take rich or spicy foods
  5. Eat abundant vegetables
  6. Add sour curd every day in your diet
  7. Morning walk can help in little extent
  8. Should avoid unnecessary purgatives
  9. Should reveal out, what for your constipation is going on

  1. X-ray to reveal out an organic cause
  2. Blood for Hypothyroidism, Diabetes M and Anemia
  3. Colonoscopy
  4. RE stool

Homeopathic medicines

Constipation in different forms


Abuse of enemas and purgative


Hydrastis Q, Nux vomica 200, Sulphur30

Alternating with diarrhea

Antim crudum 30, Chelidonium Majas 30, Nux Vomica 30

From gastric derangement


Bryonia alba 30, Nux vomica 30

From hemorrhoids


Aesculus 6, Collinsonia, Nux vomica 200

From traveling


Platina 6

From dryness of intestine


 Aesculus 6, Bryonia alba 30

For infants


Bryonia alba 6, Alumina 6

For old people

Alumina 6, Collinsonia 6, Graphitis 30, Platina 30, Sepia 30

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