Congenital Wart cured by Homeopathy


This is a very nice evidence for everybody that not only wart but also congenital wart can be cured by homoeopathy with minimum single dose only..

Patient was a 4 months child came with a congenital big wart and cured by only two minimum doses.

This Picture was 5 days later of first Prescription.


Name: Kumar A Chakraborty/Male/4months
Behala Kolkata.

Frist Prescription 

Thuja 30 One minimum dose stat in my chamber then wait and watch..
dated: 09/02/2018

2nd Prescription

After 10 days, Thuja30 one minimum dose stat in my chamber again then wait and watch.
dated: 20/02/2018 

No wart after 15 days and completely cured .
Now the baby is 10 moths old.

Thank You.

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