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Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann
 Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann

The father of medicine Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC), advised that the doctor must examine the patient as a whole to influence fix. He upheld similimum. Rig Veda, the reference book from which Ayurveda began, states that 'an answer for poison exists in the real harm'.'. it had been by a disaster that the German specialist Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann found an unclear decree by Dr. Cullen that the Cinchona barks' decoction (which helps with alleviating the signs of intestinal infection) causes sporadic fever in strong individuals. to know the outcomes of Peruvian bark in discontinuous fevers, Hahnemann probed his own self ( I TOOK BY WAY OF EXPERIMENT, TWICE every day, FOUR DRAMS of astounding CHINA-DR HAHNEMANN). Admission of China( Cinchona) brought about an event of condition reproducing irregular fevers. This effect that Peruvian bark followed through on him delivered the chance of homeopathy. This startling outcome discovered to him a substitution train of considerations and he directed comparable analyses on himself and others with different medications whose remedial activities in specific sicknesses had been grounded. Based on such reformist assessments, our lord showed up at the goal that medications fix diseases since they will convey tantamount sicknesses in sound individuals.. the whole of Homeopathy drives on this law.

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