Dr Anutosh Chakraborty

B.Sc., BHMS (CAL), DBMS (WB), PGD in Hospital Management (AU), 
PGP in Clinical Research (Bangalore)

[Consultant Homeopath]

✅ Now you can consult on phone or video if too far to travel 
✅ Email or WhatsApp your reports
✅ Premium healthcare but simple clinic
✅ Clinical check-up for all patients
✅ No misguiding 

👉👉👉 Follows updated medical science along with management and diet advice as per consideration 

🖐 Hi, I am Dr Anutosh Chakraborty a consultant physician, Former senior house physician of Chittaranjan Seva Sadan(Govt. of West Bengal), Physician of SEVAC mental health and human rights resources, Moderator of all India doctors community, Health writer and chairman of Alipur Times newspaper & Former medical officer of SH&AI Co. Ltd, and I can help you to achieve your health goals with ease 

🔰 A new method of treatment in homeopathy for orthopedic
🔰 Total medical guidelines as per your disease 

😪 We spend the money frequently on a wrong pathway and some physicians give unnecessary investigations along with different unnecessary paths where patient puzzled.
Many people go to other states for their treatment, actually they do not keep trusting the treatment here. They need the proper answer which is trustful and less costly.
So "Expert Homeopathy" [A Clinic of Advanced Pain Solution & Chronic Disease] gives you the proper way to rid of any kind of disease 👉 except purely surgical 

🟥 Orthopedic treatment depends upon three pods 1) Medicine 2) Physiotherapy 3) Supports or different types of belt or brace.
If you take medicine only, you can't get rid of disease. "Expert Homeopathy" assure you, any kind of orthopedic and chronic disease treatment will be held on proper way 

✅ You have to pay doctor's fee only. No charge for physiotherapy except special cases, you can buy medicines and supports from your relevant sources.

👮‍♂️ I am only prescriber. Only prescribe medicines and maintain proper procedure for orthopedic and chronic diseases.

🟥 For chronic disease, those patients are suffering for many years need a proper case-taking. Without proper case history, no chronic disease can be treated.
Some autoimmune diseases should maintain by this harmless way such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis etc... 


This website is totally devoted to Homeopathic Miracles and here is displaying how Homeopathy can cure diseases with strong evidence. No doubt about it that now a day’s Homeopathy is the 2nd largest path in the universe. From abroad where there is no practice of Homeopathy, they import the Medicines from surrounding countries and take online treatment where the graded Homeopath is available.

Here I published the procedure of online treatment which is very easy to take from any distance places... No need to come physically but yes need total reports regarding diseases from which a patient is suffering. If anybody wants to take treatment of this path, please go through my website, where anybody can get minimum ideas.

This clinic is fully strict to ORTHOPEDIC AND CHRONIC DISEASE[minimum 6 months old and onward].

Those are suffering for many years but do not get any solution and disease engulf the life day by day, Expert Homeopathy is there... 

SINCERITY and SERIOUSNESS is the main key of Expert Homeopathy [A Clinic of Advanced Pain Solution and Chronic Disease]

Distance does not matter. The matter is DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT. 
Homeopathy stands on Constitutional treatment and the law of similia, that's why it can claim cure or recovery in a harmless way and permanent restoration of health.

This website is for the whole universe and wants to show how homeopathic treatment brings miracles.

As a physician, I have treated thousands of patients in my clinic with a variety of ailments, both acute and chronic. After I started my YouTube channel, a lot of people called me for advice, and it's now part of my job. To date, I have been consulted by hundreds of patients from different countries.

Many of our patients have avoided surgery, even for critical diseases.


Orthopedic treatment depends on three pods.
Medicines - support -  physiotherapy
If patient follows these three steps, can be symptoms less for many years... some cases may vary due to age or advanced condition of disease.

Chronic disease depends on Constitutional treatment. 
So need here proper "Case-taking".
Such as Infertility, Psychological disorders, Male sexual problems, CKD, Stomach problems, Brain Tumor etc.

Though most of the Orthopedic problems are Chronic in nature, but do not need deep Case-taking here except autoimmune diseases such as RA, AS...

**Expert Homeopathy[A Clinic Of Advanced Pain Solution and Chronic Disease]