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B.Sc, BHMS (CAL), DBMS (WB), PGD in Hospital Management (AU), PGP in Clinical Research (Bangalore)


This website is totally devoted to Homeopathic Miracles and here is displaying how Homeopathy can cure diseases with strong evidence. No doubt about it that now a day’s Homeopathy is the 2nd largest pathy in the universe. From abroad where there is no practice of Homeopathy they import the Medicines from surrounding countries and take online treatment where the graded Homeopath is available.

Here I published the procedure of online treatment which is very easy to take from any distance places... No need to come physically but yes need total reports regarding diseases from which a patient is suffering. If anybody wants to take treatment of this pathy, please go through my website, where anybody can get minimum ideas.

This clinic is fully strict to ORTHOPEDIC AND CHRONIC DISEASE[ minimum 6 months old and onward ].

Those are suffering for many years but do not get any solution and disease engulf the life day by day, Expert Homeopathy is there... 

SINCERITY and SERIOUSNESS is the main key of Expert Homeopathy [ A Clinic of Advanced Pain Solution and Chronic Disease]

Distance does not matter. The matter is DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT. 
Homeopathy stands on Constitutional treatment and the law of similia, that's why it can claim cure or recovery in a harmless way and permanent restoration of health.

This website is for the whole universe and wants to show how homeopathic treatment brings miracles.

Many of our patients have avoided surgery even for critical diseases.

**Expert Homeopathy[ A Clinic Of Advanced Pain Solution And Chronic Disease ]