Stomach Problems


Gastritis / Gastric Ulcers / Helicobactor pylori::::

Gastritis is an inflammation of Stomach lining and got erosion on stomach bed.
There are two sorts of Gastritis 1] Acute 2] gastritis .


Mainly it's caused by taking unnecessarily pain killers, Alcohol, ciggerate smoking and while empty stomach...
The responsible bacteria is Helicobacter Pylori..

When this inflammation continues for end of the day , it turns into ulcer..
This ulcer generally found in below poverty line .
Upper level people suffers from peptic ulceration for the excessive acid secretion for sedentary life or spoiling the health or thanks to over mental activities.


Abdominal Pain
Vomiting or Nausea
Black stool
Bloating of abdomen


Regular food habit and avoid spicy food..
Taking fruit and Carbohydrates..
leave smoking and alcohol [ if anybody takes ]


1st line treatment: Arsenicum album 3CH(2 times / day for 3 weeks) + Lycopodium 200CH (80% cured). you'll then take Arsenicum album 200CH.

2nd line treatment: If you are doing not improve, attend the second option: Natrum phos 30CH 2 times / day(peptic ulcer): 17-18% healed.

3rd line treatment: For the remainder unresponsive to previous treatments, blue flag or Hydrastis.

NB: Physician's consultation is usually get priority.

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