Gluteal Sinus

GLUTEAL SINUS [ RIGHT ]... Case study

Gluteal Sinus

It is a little hole or tunnel within the heal the buttock, where one side is open and the other side is blocked. Generally, open outside of the skin and ends inside of the organ or skin or any body parts.
It occurs within the cleft at the highest of buttocks. it's going to ooze pus and with blood and there could also be a filthy odor.

Seen one opening on the skin of the buttock
Pain at the time of standing or sitting
Blood with pus from the affected part
May form abscess with filthy odor alongside pus and blood
Redness and soreness around the affected part
It May be acute or chronic
There could also be a low muttering fever for a few days.

Regular washing the affected spare mild soap and clear carefully. Then dispense with CalendulaQ and lastly Calendula ointment for a fast recovery. keep always dry and avoiding sitting for a while.

Mr. Bhattacharjee,52y, Male from Birbhum
Present complaints [ 03.09.2016 ]
An abscess formed on the proper gluteal region following injection in May 2015. The abscess was surgically drained in June, but the wound didn't heal up, and a sinus formed at the location. This was again operated under general anesthesia during a local hospital. After three months of surgery, the abscess reappeared at an equivalent site, for which anti-tubercular treatment was given for 6 weeks. But the sinus persisted and now he has stopped all medication excepting local dressing of the wound with antibiotic powder.
Pricking pain at the location, worse sitting for an extended time.
Toothache from cold food and drinks.
Pain in the coccygeal region, worse sitting.
Past History
Recurrent shigellosis in childhood
Mumps in childhood
Severe scabies in childhood treated by Modern medicine

Chilly, doesn't like fans.
Aversion to chilies
Sweat, especially on trunk and face and far
Desires for salted food, meat, warm food, eggs, raw onion
Thirst, moderate.
Mind, Suppressed anger, keen on seeing rainfall, thunderstorm.

BP- 132/82 mm of hg
Pulse- 70/min
Chest- Clear
Heart- S1>S2 audible(R)
Tongue- clean
Weight- 70kgs

Pus culture revealed Staphylococcus aureus
USG right hip - Incomplete opacified tract medial to right hip, no communication with the hip. The radio-opaque probe shows its distal end almost reaching the left hip region.
First Prescription as on 03/09/2016
PYROGEN 200/2 one dose to be taken on two consecutive days within the morning on an empty stomach

As on 05/10/2016
No discharge from the sinus, but pin pricking sensation persists
2nd prescription
No medicines

As on 12/11/2016
Occasional soreness along the scare mark of operation
3rd prescription
Carcinosin 1M one dose in next day morning in empty stomach

As on 12/01/1017
No complaint, no troubles, no induration, no pain.
4th prescription
Carcinosin 10M one single dose in the next morning.


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