Colloidal Goiter - Cause, Symptoms, Treatment, Homeopathy

What is colloidal goiter?

A colloidal goiter is an uncommon protuberance of cells on your thyroid organ. A goiter might be a general development of the thyroid, or it could be the consequence of unpredictable cell development that structures at least one irregularity as nodules in the thyroid for colloidal goiter. A goiter might be related with no adjustment of thyroid capability or with an increment or diminishing in thyroid hormones.
But in colloidal goiter, it may be due to lack of iodine or hereditary.

Colloidal Goiter

Causes of colloidal goiter

At the point when the thyroid organ can't make sufficient thyroid hormone, it might endeavor to repay by developing. Thyroid expansion may likewise be brought about by specific ecological elements.
A colloid nodular goiter happens when the thyroid organ can't satisfy the metabolic needs of the body with adequate chemical creation. The thyroid organ remunerates by developing, which as a rule beats gentle lacks of thyroid hormone.
On the off chance that the thyroid organ is, re-presented to iodine, the nodules might deliver thyroid chemical freely. Incidentally, the knobs might deliver a lot of thyroid hormones, causing thyrotoxicosis. This is known as a harmful nodular goiter.
Colloid nodular goiters are otherwise called endemic goiters and are generally brought about by lacking iodine in diet. A region is characterized as endemic for goiter if more than 10 % of kids matured 6 to 10 years have goiters.
Little to direct estimated goiters are generally normal in the US. The Incomparable Lakes, Midwest, and Intermountain districts were once known as the "goiter belt." The standard utilization of iodized table salt currently resist this inadequacy.

Symptoms when suffering form colloidal goiter

Thyroid growth - - may fluctuate from a solitary little knob to monstrous expansion
Breathing troubles from pressure of the windpipe (interesting)
Gulping troubles from pressure of the throat (interesting)
Neck vein extension and tipsiness when the arms are raised over the head (enormous goiter)


  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Radioactive iodine take-up (typical or expanded)
  • Blood tests to screen thyroid capability including thyroid animating chemical (high if underactive, low if overactive)
  • Urinary discharge of iodine (low)
  • Thyroid gland scan


Thyroid hormones replacement treatment is recommended for iodine inadequacy. Chemical substitution represses thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and permits the thyroid to recuperate.
An enormous goiter that is inert to clinical administration or confines gulping and breathing might require fractional or complete expulsion of the thyroid organ.
Assuming that the goiter is delivering an excessive amount of thyroid hormones, treatment with radioactive iodine, antithyroid medicine, or medical procedure might be vital.


The prognosis is great with treatment. An industrious goiter might become poisonous, making side effects of overabundance of thyroid hormones create. Unexpected growth of a thyroid organ might show inner draining or safe turmoil, and requires prompt clinical consideration.

Call your doctor assuming that indications of thyrotoxicosis create:

Expanded beat rate
The runs or obstruction
Dry Skin
Oppression in chest

How to prevent colloidal goiter?

Utilize iodized salt, or food varieties enhanced with iodine. If not hereditary, iodine is responsible.

Could thyroid colloidal nodules at any point be resisted?

Since analysts don't have the foggiest idea what causes most of the thyroid nodules, you can't resist them much of the time.
You can, nonetheless, attempt to diminish your risk of creating them by dealing with specific gamble factors. For instance, in the event that you have corpulence, converse with your medical care supplier about accomplishing a sound load for you. Assuming you smoke cigarettes, attempt to stop. It's likewise vital to ensure you get sufficient iodine in your eating routine. Assuming you utilize iodized table salt, you're probably sufficiently consuming.
Studies have shown that individuals who take oral contraception as well as statins might have a diminished gamble of creating thyroid nodules.

Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy depends on constitutional treatment. I have 5 patients for the same, primarily I started the medications as per symptoms and pathological investigations. In my 5 patients I saw one thing, the thyroid profile was normal, and no abnormalities in thyroid gland function. But when I took a little history, I saw it was hereditary. And surprisingly, among 5 patients have the same. Till date, they are under my treatment, but among 5 patient, 3 patients are doing good after proper "CASE TAKING".

Probable medicines for colloidal goiter
Natram Mur 200 - One dose at 7 days interval or as per direction of physician
Calcarea Carb 200 - One dose at 7 days interval or as per direction of physician
Iodum 200 - One dose at 7 days interval or as per direction of physician
Silicea 200 - One dose at 7 days interval or as per direction of physician
Calcarea Iod 200 - One dose at 7 days interval or as per direction of physician
Calcarea Flour 6X - 4 tabs twice daily or as per direction of physician.


Question: What is the difference between a goiter and a nodule?

Answer: A broadened thyroid organ can be felt as an irregularity under the skin at the front of the neck. At the point when it is sufficiently huge to see effectively, it's known as a goiter. A thyroid knob is a protuberance or developed region in the thyroid organ.

Question: Can a colloid of thyroid nodules become cancerous?

Answer: Most nodules are fluid loaded up with liquid or with a put away type of thyroid hormones called colloid. Strong and solid nodules have minimal liquid or colloid and are bound to be malignant.

Question: Is colloid goiter normal?

Answer: Colloid goiters are a typical, harmless sore of the thyroid organ, that include a diffuse or nodular example. A significant element of colloid goiter is the contained colloid material inside, which appear on ultrasound.

Question: Are goiters painful?

Answer: A goiter is generally effortless, however may cause pressure-related side effects, including: A sensation of neck completion or snugness. Trouble gulping.

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