Goiter is an enlarged thyroid .We can say, it's also swelling within the neck for the enlarged thyroid and not functioning properly. thyroid is an important gland in our body, it maintains maximum metabolism in our body.. When active iodine T3 doesn't produce properly resulting goiter.


Endemic Goiter thanks to deficiency of iodine.

Toxic Goiter- it's diffuse toxic goiter for the formation of antibodies against thyroid which results in increased hormone production and also called Grave's disease.

Toxic nodular goiter

Neoplastic goiter- it's benign and malignant


Granulomatous thyroiditis

Auto-immune thyroiditis


To ascertain the character and sort of goiter
X-ray of neck and thoracic inlet will indicate the presence of a goiter of serious size.

Ultrasonography of the thyroid

Biopsy of the thyroid




Thyroidinum- When simple goiter is soft and this medicine is made for fresh sheep's thyroid extract.

Iodine- it's another valuable medicine of this disease. When patient is in dark complexioned with dark eyes, feels heat whenever , cachectic but ravenous hungry.

Calc. Carb- In pale subjects of sentimental fiber with cold moist feet, tendency to grow fat, this medicine is extremely helpful

Spongia- In old goiter, use with constitutional medicine is extremely effective.

NB: Physician's consultation is usually got priority..

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