If your child sudden fall on floor - Management, Medication

We usually see children falling on the ground suddenly, when they are playing or mischievously slip and fall on the ground. It is usually seen in children between one and five years of age. Then from the age of six onward, they develop a sense that they can fall, so they rarely fall suddenly, which is sometimes a source of worry about parents. When the child's head gets hurt, hands and feet are hurt, especially when the head is hurt, they have a lot of worry, they rush to the doctor, but in this case, the doctor asks for a CT scan or tries to manage that time with painkillers.
This experience every child has been the reason parents worry about it the most. Especially after a head injury, they feel like they have a head injury. I have many parents come to me who say the same thing about their child, and ask when I get home, what medication or how to manage it will not harm my child.
Child sudden fall on floor



Symptoms after child sudden fall on floor

Inflammation over head

Cause of fall on floor of a child

Accidentally fall on floor
Push from back by another child
Many times it gets out of hand when we playfully throw my baby up

Prevention if your child sudden fall on floor

Keep your child's play area free of water
You have to watch that your baby does not climb too high and try to jump
You have to sit there when many kids play sports
Do not throw your baby up and play

What should we do if my Child sudden fall on floor?

1) If there is inflammation over head any part of the body, make a cold compress immediately. But should not compress ice directly, rather use 2 or 3 ice with dry cotton and compress over the traumatic area...

2) If there is abrasion, apply Calendula ointment of on the affected part.
3) Observe, whether your child is conscious or unconscious
4) Observe, whether your child vomits after fall on floor. If the child is unconscious or vomit, immediately go to consult your physician. It can be trauma within the brain.
5) If your child is conscious and does not vomit, then no tension.
6) If your child experienced to convulsion, then go to consult your physician.

Homeopathic medicine, when your child sudden fall on floor

In the first medicine, I prefer to give Arnica Montana 6 in frequent doses. Give this medicine at 10 minutes interval for four such in a same day, then four times in a day for next day.
Along with should give Cuprum Metallicum 6 in same manner as Arnica Montana 6
These two medicines can prevent any internal hemorrhage as well as convulsion.
Another medicine is Hypericum Perforatum 6. This medicine can prevent severe pain or any type of septic condition after fall if there is an abrasion over the part. 

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