Homeopathy Medicine tabacum 200 use

tabacum 200 use

Introduction (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

The symptoms of the pathogenesis are composed partly of provings made by Lembke Schreter and others and partly of poisonings and overdoses.

Tobacco symptoms are very noticeable. Nausea, dizziness, feeling faint, a deadly pallor of the skin, vomiting, freezing cold, and sweating with the different ways the wrist are the most typical. It has pronounced antiseptic properties, it is a remedy for diarrhea, cholera germs. The Full arc of the entire muscular system. With the fall season. Gastralgia, enteralgia, motion sickness; a cold, but wants to become her stomach open. Severe peristaltic activity, in traveler's diarrhea. The causes of high stress, and atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries. Most homeopathic remedy for angina, and with a high-voltage Device). Stenosis of the larynx, breast, bladder, and rectum. The pallor of the skin, shortness of breath, pulse, looking for a strong cord.


It causes cerebral irritation followed by marked irritation of functions of Vagi. It produces muscular prostration, free secretions. It produces symptoms, which are experienced by people who had taken tobacco first time in their lives such as nausea, vomiting, salivation, giddiness, even one may faint with prostration and cold sweating.

In the spirit of. - Feelings of extreme poverty. Very, very upset. Forgetful. 

Mind: Dizziness, for example, at the opening of the eyes, and painful headaches associated with fatal, nausea, increase. Working Hard, the feel of a belt buckle. A sudden pain, as if struck with a hammer. Nervous deafness. Discharge from the eyes, nose, and mouth is increased. 

Eyes and blurred vision, which he sees as if through a veil; strabismus. Amaurosis; muscæ volitantes. A central scotoma. The rapid loss of sight without any lesions that are accompanied by hyperemia of the vessels and atrophy of the optic nerve. 

Stomach - Persistent nausea, and, worst of all, the smell of tobacco smoke. (Fos); to induce vomiting in the event of a movement, sometimes the stool and, during pregnancy, with a lot of spit. Motion sickness; a terrible weakness, a feeling of nausea in the stomach. It's the feeling of your stomach, relaxation, and nausea (Ipec). Gastralgia; pain, in the end, to extend to the left arm. 

Rectum.- Constipation; rectum, paralysis, and leave. Diarrhea, light, moist, and with nausea and vomiting, exhaustion, and cold sweating; a discharge like cottage cheese, the thick, clotted, water. Rectal tenesmus. 

Infections of the urinary tract.-- Renal colic; severe pain along the ureter, and the left-hand side. 

Cardiac: Apart from this, when it is located on the left-hand side. The Pulse is interrupted, the silent, imperceptible. Angina pectoris, pain in the atrial region. The patient feels pain is in the midpoint of the chest. Tachycardia. Bradycardia. Acute dilatation is caused by a shock or a severe physical effort, (and Royal). 

Breathing, Shortness of breath, severe compression of the chest. Atrial pressure, fast heart rate, and pain between the shoulders. The cough was followed by a belch. The cough is dry, it's hard to resist, should be a bit cold in the water (the Holocaust; Phos). Shortness of breath, and a tingling sensation in the left arm, are on the left-hand side. 

Extremities.- The patient feels hands are cold, limbs shaking. Paralysis after a stroke (diameter). Shuffling gait.  The weakness of the hands. 

Sleep.- Sleep with an enlarged heart, and with all the cold, sticky skin, and fear. 

Fever.-- Shivering with cold sweat. 

Modalities.-- Even worse, when you open your eyes; in the evening, the heat and the cold. It is better for you to open it up, open to the fresh air. 

Compare Hydrobromic Acid; Camphor; Verate; Ars. Compared to Nicotine (Alternating tonic and clonic seizures, followed by relaxation, tremor, nausea, cold sweat, and the quick collapse; head retraction, eyelid spasms, and it is a massage of the muscles; shoulder, neck, and back muscles, disc; hissing a breath, cramping as well as in the bronchial muscles. 

It's the antidote.-- Vinegar, sour apples. Camphor, the physiological antagonist. Ars (chewing tobacco); grand theft auto iv (nice); Dec (neuralgia, and neuralgia); Lycop (ed); Vomica (an unpleasant taste due to use of tobacco products; Calad and Plantag cause of tobacco-aversion); Phosph (tobacco, cardiovascular, and sexual weakness). 

Tabacum 200 is very good medicine for relief from tobacco smoking or antidoting tobacco smoking.
This is an indicative medicine for heart problems see above the symptoms.


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