No heartbeat, can terminate pregnancy legally?


Introduction (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Embryologically, a fetal heartbeat starts generally from 5th weak to 6th weak. If the mother does not feel a heartbeat, then immediately contact a physician.
The physician should auscultate the fetal heartbeat in the exact position. Sometimes fetal heartbeat misleads with the snuffle.
The fetal movement feels from 5th weak in multipara and 6th weak for primipara, the new mother.


Medical Termination of Pregnancy is a procedure to abort a fetus through the vagina.

Some feature should be maintained for medical termination include:

To save the life of the mother, such as Pulmonary tuberculosis, Malignant hypertension, Cardiac disease, Psychiatric illness, etc.

Social matters, if a girl raped by someone, or below 18 years or parous women having an unplanned pregnancy with very low socio-economic status or failure contraceptive measures.

If any chromosomal disorder is detected, can be put under this section.

Rubella, a viral disease affecting the 1st trimester, can be put under termination.

If parents are mentally imbalanced and the first child is born with a mental disease, their 2nd pregnancy can terminate with the content of a gynecologist.

Remember: Termination is permitted up to 20 weeks of pregnancy because, after that, mother risk arises.

Should perform in a registered hospital or nursing home.

Physicians should have the assist with at least 25 cases.

If a fetus dies before the 5th weak and is diagnosed medically can terminate legally with the consent of a doctor.

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