Do babies enjoy themselves in the womb?

baby in the womb
Hello mother! (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Well, it is an intellectual question full of mystery. Does the baby enjoy in the uterus during gestational life!
Parents are very curious during this period. Mother makes an imaginary world with her dream baby.
During this period, lots of dreams and thoughts are covered in the mother's mind. Very happily thinking with her coming dream. For a woman, who is becoming a mother, once thought, what a good gift! this is a surprise gift, which may be the best gift in a woman's life that becoming a mother.

You know the baby enjoy and definitely enjoy when you are enjoying!

When a mather is enjoyed in some party, baby enjoys the same in the womb. If a mother thinks good every time during gestation, the baby feels safe and thought "I am in a good environment". If a mother does always has positive thoughts, the coming blossom is always thought positive when comes to the outside world.

Yes, babies are playing inside the womb, and the mother can feel herself and must-see outside. How! baby kick and moves inside, which can be seen from outside.

The mother is the opinion of the fetal movements begin at 9 o'clock. The countdown will end when 10 of the movements can be observed. If it has been prescribed, tell your doctor if you have less than 10 moves, within a period of 12 hours for 2 consecutive days, or do not feel any motion at all, even after running for 12 hours per day.

In the later stage, the fetal movement will less due to the growth of the fetus. So must balance amniotic fluid as per fetal size. Amniotic fluid is very essential for fetal growth as well as nutrition. So must check the amniotic fluid in regular doctors check-up.

Do you know!

If you thought, your baby will become a doctor in gestational life and see a dream about it. You will see, your baby must have an interest in biology.

If you are unhappy in gestational life by any means, your baby can not be healthy and born with happy faces.

If you are anxious in gestational life, a baby born with anxiety and later will reveal.


Do not worry, about a baby who is a part of you. If you are fine, your baby is fine and plays.
Must keep yourself happy and avoid any unhappy event. Mind it, you are the only core teacher of your baby during gestational life. Your thinking is always bright if you want bright light with your expectation.

Thank you kind mother to bring me into a beautiful world and make me like a part of you...💖

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