Prevention: Incident of liver cancer of Hepatitis B patient

liver cancer

Hepatitis (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Generally speaking, the prognosis of hepatitis is mostly good. Severe hepatitis can recover well and will not turn into cirrhosis and liver cancer. However, there are actual patients with hepatitis B who do not recover for a long time and gradually develop into cirrhosis and eventually develop into liver cancer. It has been reported abroad that the risk of liver cancer in chronic hepatitis B surface antigen carriers is more than 200 times higher than that of non-carriers.


More than 95% of patients with primary liver cancer have evolved from chronic hepatitis B surface antigen carriers.

Why are the few patients suffering from hepatitis B suffering from the undesirable transformation of primary liver cancer?

The mechanism has not yet been fully understood, so there is no effective way to prevent it. Some scholars believe that since the hepatitis B virus is the culprit, preventing hepatitis B will help reduce the occurrence of liver cancer. Scientists who hold different opinions believe that the factors that cause liver cancer are very complicated, and the hepatitis B virus is only the initial cause. Because many people are infected with the hepatitis B virus, only a part of them develop liver cirrhosis, and only a few people have primary liver cancer. Prevention and treatment of hepatitis B are of course very important, but a single measure may not solve the problem. Comprehensive measures should be taken to prevent chronic hepatitis B and prevent cancer from occurring. For example, hepatitis B should be treated as early as possible; drugs that damage the liver should be avoided as much as possible; harmful physical factors should be avoided to reduce the exposure of X-rays and radioactive substances to the liver; various infections should be reduced and treated as early as possible to avoid various infections. Kind of trauma and surgery. Anesthesia and surgical trauma are detrimental to the recovery of liver function. If necessary, surgery should be performed after the recovery of liver function as much as possible. Avoid drinking alcohol, especially alcohol. The factors for the development of primary liver cancer are more complicated. In addition to the virus, there are too many aflatoxins in food and nitrosamines in drinking water, and close contact with certain metals, such as platinum, copper, zinc, etc., Both are related to the occurrence of liver cancer.


In addition, the occurrence of liver cancer is also related to the body's immunity. Under normal circumstances, the cells in the human body often become cancerous and may form cancer cells, but the human body’s immune system has the ability to eliminate these cells, and the human body does not develop cancer.

When the body's immunity is weakened, it is prone to cancer. Enhancing physical fitness and enhancing human immunity is also an important aspect of preventing liver cancer.

Hepatitis B patients should have good living habits, regular daily life, proper physical and mental exercises, maintain an optimistic mood, do not eat moldy foods, eat lightly, and should be rich in vitamins and protein, etc., which can enhance physical fitness and improve.

The body's immunity prevents the occurrence of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

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