Predict your happiness index: Expert Homeopathy

Happiness index

Are you predestined with happiness? (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Test to see

Question 1: In the past, 5 friends heard that there was a beautiful goddess of luck in the remote desert. Those who were lucky enough to see this goddess in person can make a wish in front of the goddess, and 5 people will be suspicious. Thinking about whether to start traveling. If you are one of them, what do you think will be waiting for you?

A. I don't believe that there will be such a goddess, and I refuse to do such silly things as looking for a goddess

B. I believe there is a goddess, and I decided to look for a goddess. Unfortunately, he got a sickness on the way, so he gave up looking for

C. With the idea of ​​a try, he went on the road. As soon as I walked into the desert, I met a beautiful and kind-hearted girl who mistakenly thought she was a goddess. He asked the girl to be his wife, and they led a mediocre and happy life. Although he later learned the truth, he still has no regrets

D. Believing that there really will be a goddess. After all the hardships to find a goddess, he still couldn't find them. Finally, he died disappointedly in the desert.

E. Believed that there would be a goddess. , After all the hardships, still not found. But an oasis in the hinterland of the desert made him feel so beautiful. He decided to build his own hut on this oasis and live on.

Selection A: 60 points for happiness. You are more willing to believe in the life in front of you, not willing to put in more hard work and effort to pursue new things. So you will also lose much rare beauty in life!

Option B: 50 points for happiness. You are usually the kind of person who keeps things hot for three minutes, so you often lose the happiness that passed by.

Selection C: 70 points for happiness. You are a very clear-headed person, you neither have too many expectations of life nor will you rashly improvise. You believe that there are always only better things in the world, and there is no best. Therefore, when happiness is in front of your eyes, you will hold it tightly. When happiness is not there, you will not force it!

Select D: 40 points for happiness. Your pessimism, stubbornness, and high expectations of life are the root causes of your inability to be happy. You are always looking for the best, so you miss many good things. If you can look at happiness in another way, maybe you will get more happiness!

Select E: 80 points for happiness. You are an ideal but not stubborn person. You can always find new pleasures in life. The opportunities that are not happy are discovered by you and become rare happiness. Life always rewards those who like to create fun in life. Of course, you have more opportunities for happiness than others!

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