Are you interested in Homeopathy?: Free training, Certificate


Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty on behalf of "Expert Homeopathy" wants to serve homeopathic treatment in villages. If anybody is interested to know the proper homeopathic treatment and serve himself/herself for mankind, please contact. "Expert Homeopathy" shall give training to them free!

Homeopathic medicine prescribing is not homeopathy. Need some information about homeopathy before prescribing medicine and should know some allied sciences.


Online program.

It is almost free!

Duration: 6 months.

2 days in a week (Friday and Saturday)

Provide some videos from "Expert Homeopathy" free.

Free "Live video" will be entertained every Saturday during the study, and students can ask their own questions.

Provide the name of essential books.

After completion, Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty shall provide an online certificate in his prescription as a "Homeopathic Compounder".

Starts from 15 Aug of 2021.

Age should be 18 years or above as of 15 Aug 2021.

Qualification: should be 10th standard at least.

Medium: English and Bengali.

Donation: Only Rs 1000 for six months (including all) for maintenance purposes

Classes will be held through WhatsApp group video calling or Google meet.

There are many people doing practice homeopathy in villages, but they have no medical knowledge. Need some medical knowledge before practicing medical science.

What do we study in this class?

Homeopathic point of view.

Materia Medica.

Some knowledge about pharmacy.

Some knowledge about Allied science like Anatomy, Physiology, Practice of Medicine, Gynecology.

Practical knowledge, like how to treat a patient?

How to make a dose, and what should take for better results!

What type of patients can we treat conservatively, and what type of patients should refer.

How to tackle a patient!

Disclaimer (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)
The motto of "Expert Homeopathy", serves proper treatment to villagers to some extent, who are poor and do not get treated properly.
After completion students shall be entitled to "Homeopathic Compounder", but should not claim as a Doctor or Registered practitioner or open a shop to store medicines as it is under "drug control".
If any problem arises during treatment by student "Expert Homeopathy" will not be responsible by any means.
This program is not under any legal sphere, It is a knowledge base study and honorary.
After any payment should inform Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty otherwise "Expert Homeopathy" will not be responsible.
The payment is non-refundable.

Help Line:(WhatsApp) +91 7278760092

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