Homeopathic medicine: When take to get best result?

Best result of Homeopathic medicines

Introduction (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

I see much criticism for homeopathy in google search and Wikipedia. But I do not know why!
Science is endless, it does not mean, we find out everything and prove it scientifically.
Humans see which nature shows, and find out the mystery with their confined gray matter. Some peoples show more intellectual themselves than they are!. If they discovered everything, then why they are not able to protect against natural calamity! why they are not able to resist any kind of disease at any stage! why they feel helpless when they have no answer for any critical disease! "say, patient, We are helpless, God will take care".

But they do not leave criticism, It is a natural habit to show less than one. But a perfectly knowledgeable and properly educated human can not do that, "they always find, why that person says like that!" No word,  nature of humans, or any kind of activity is abstract to the universe. We use that word or look at nature or work, comes from universe automatically like "law of preservation" "law of energy". If we do think, it is created by mine, it is wrong. From here philosophy starts. When science is an end, philosophy starts.

Without philosophy, science is blind. If any scientist doing invention without philosophy, he can not enrich to his goal. Because of philosophy borns new science or scientific thoughts.

Once upon a time, when our master Dr. C.F.S Hahnemann (MD) had seen their pathy can give relief to a patient to some extent, and lots of crucial methods applied on the patient for recovering, but ultimately no result! then philosophy came and born a new pathy "HOMEOPATHY".

Now started research on it. Dr. Hahnemann was very much intelligent and that was why! he found out a new generation pathy "Homeopathy". The old school of treatment wanted to suppress that time, and to date, that is going on.

Homeopathy is a science and art rather than pseudoscience and applies to the living body after proper drug proving. It maintains the "Law of similia". and "Brownian motion of molecule".
After giving proper shaking with maintaining rule, medicinal property gets motion and activate.
We know, every substance has its own property by its nature naturally.
For example, if anybody hurts me, I should react, and it is a natural sensation. Then I will do act, which my mind and brain together permit.

Homeopathy reached its greatest popularity in the 19th century. It was introduced to the United States in 1825, and the first homeopathic school was opened in 1835. In the 19th century, dozens of homeopathic institutions were established in Europe and the United States. During this period, homeopathy was not able to give out a relatively successful one, since other forms of treatment can be harmful and ineffective. Before the end of the century, this practice began to weaken, and the last only homeopathic medical school in the United States closed in 1920.

Some countries oppose it due to pharmaceutical interest and the human of those countries do not want the good of their own or others. That is why this fallacy.

Drug Proving (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Hahnemann began exploring the effects of various biological effects on people, a process later called "homeopathic drug proving". These tests required studies to evaluate the effects of insertion by recording all of their symptoms and helpful conditions under which they appeared. He published a series of conferences in 1805, and the second set of 65 arrangements appeared in his book, Materia Medica Pura (1810).

Since Hahnemann believed that large doses of the same drug would cause an increase in morbidity and mortality, he recommended overdose. A strategy was developed to develop solutions that Hahnemann said would save the treatment of the substance while removing its harmful effects. Hahnemann believed that the process improved "the healing power of air pollution". He compiled and published an overview of his new medical program in the encyclopedia, Organon of the Healing Art (1810), with a 6th edition published in 1921 that is still in use today.

Rules of drug proving

Selection of prover
Proving on the human beings as a human can state symptoms, where the animal can not do that.
Requisite qualities of a human prover
Should be healthy, intelligent, trustworthy, delicate, sensitive, and irritable.

Accept for preparation of drugs for proving
Indigenous plants
Exotic vegetables
Salts and gums
Dry and weak medicinal substances
Animal kingdom

Dose and its mode of administration

What symptoms are to be recorded?
How to note down the symptoms of proving?
Literate prover
Illiterate prover
Physician himself

Precautions to be taken during proving

1)Regarding medicine

2)Regarding prover
  1. Medicinal restrictions
  2. Dietary restrictions
  3. Mental restrictions

Miasms concept

In the Organon, Dr. Hahnemann introduced the concept of "miasms", as well as "infectious principles underlying chronic disease, and as a"special way of life". Hahnemann associated each couple with specific diseases and believed that primary exposure to miasma causes local symptoms, such as skin, as well as sexually transmitted diseases. His theory was that if the symptoms experienced were suppressed by drugs, then this disease descended deeper and deeper, and it began to manifest itself in the form of diseases of internal organs in the body. Homeopathy claims that treating diseases by directly alleviating the patient's symptoms, as sometimes happens in traditional medicine, is ineffective because all "diseases can usually be traced back to a certain latent, profound, lying-on chronic or hereditary tendency".

Rule and timing to take homeopathic medicines for best result

Homeopathic medicine should be prescribed by a knowledgeable and educated physician, not by a quack.

Should take the minute dose for a good result. Because somebody believes in quantity. Homeopathic potentized medicine acts through nerve roots. So if the selection is good, medicine will act as a boon and immediately. "Minute dose means, one drop on a properly cleaned fingernail and put it down and take on the tongue immediately later".

No adulteration should be considered with medicine, because, it will damage the medicinal property. So should consider a sealed vial for one drop if you use it.

Medicine should be taken in half an hour of any kind of food for good results.

Should avoid that thing, from which medicine made of, and should avoid thing which has an inimical relation with that medicine.

But if you take crud medicine like Mother tincture or solution, you can take it in large doses as per the direction of the physician.

My prescription is one dose means 2 drops on or under the tongue.
If consider mother tincture(Q), take 10 to 15 drops with half a cup of water or as directed by a physician.
For bio-chemic tablets, 4 tabs twice daily and 2 tabs for children or as directed by a physician.


Homeopathy is the only path, can cure your disease to its whole extent after proper individualization.
Any Nobel pathy can bear criticism, but one day the person understands, they were wrong.

Recently proved, the only homeopathy can arrest the COVID 19.

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