Follow these medicines before taking COVID19 vaccine

before taking COVID19 vaccine
I kept lectures on COVID19 many times before these medications.
And I said do not worry about COVID19 by any means. I treated 12 patients with a 100% success rate.
And I examined, if anybody follows these medicine from 7 days before to 7 days after taking the vaccine, people can not be affected by COVID19.

I have gotten many questions on a daily basis as a physician 
Doctor, if I take the vaccine, can I be affected by corona later!
I have Diabetes M, can I take the vaccine!
I have a skin disease, can I take it!
I have high blood pressure, can I take it!
I have an allergy, can I take it! and many more.

First of all, I need to say that, It is one type of Influenza, and affects only on Upper and Lower respiratory tract. So there is no chance of migration to any side of internal organs.
But if anybody suffers from COPD or already getting influenza at the time or coughing during vaccination or pharyngitis or laryngitis or any stomach problems, then stop taking the vaccine at that time.
Otherwise can get the vaccine.

Follow up
After taking vaccine
  • Must enhance immunity
  • Must take Vit. C on a regular basis for 20 days since 7 days before of vaccination
  • Must inhale plane water vapor thrice daily after taking a vaccine for at least 7 days
  • Must wear a mask after taking a vaccine for 14 days
  • Must keep clean as a whole for 14 days
  • Take a healthy drink and plenty of water on a regular basis
  • Must take homemade nutritious food

Do not worry! you do not affect by corona anyhow!

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