How a single medicine in homeopathy can cure so many diseases?


What is homeopathy!
It is a system or pathy where the patient treats on the basis of Individualization.
It is a science where patient treats not a disease and it is the rule of homeopathy
The law is 'similima similibus curenter' means like cures like.
Condition of implementation of the law 

There are four sources of drugs:
  1. Mineral kingdom
  2. Animal kingdom
  3. Vegetable kingdom
  4. Impodarablia

Mineral kingdom
Arsenic album, Argentum nit, Aurum Met etc. Means metal, alkali, salt, etc.

Animal kingdom
Lachesis, Crotalus H, Apis mel etc. Means snake poison, insects or other animals.

Vegetable kingdom
Carbo veg, Bryonia alba, Rhustox, etc. Means comes from vegetables

It is from unnatural sources. It Means X-ray, electricity, etc.

Besides, there are 'Nosode' which origins from disease products
'Sarcodes' which origins from enzyme or hormone etc.

Now the question is why single medicine works!
  1. Actually, every human belongs to a separate constitution and with different miasms. No one is identical to others. And that's why Individualization is done after proper case-taking. No other pathy depends on this basis. 
  2. The investigation reports are considered here as symptoms.
  3. The sign is the main factor in homeopathy.
  4. In homeopathy, a medicine gives many symptoms during drug proving. So one medicine can cover many symptoms with many disease-related. But there is a condition below:
  5. Medicine should be different in origin for the cure, but gives same symptoms which are you suffering from during 'drug proving'.
  6. For palliation or suppression, medicine is of the same origin.

  1. Homeopathic medicine can bring cure very fast if there is proper case-taking done by the knowledgeable doctor and it is time taking.
  2. Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole, not the disease.
  3. Investigation reports consider as a symptom
  4. Medicine should be unique and high quality.

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