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The term of Infertility and Sterility means inability to conceive after one year of sexual life without contraception, when the couple get worried for a baby. Some distinguish the terms as sterility being the absolute state of inability to conceive while infertility the relative state of failure to conceive. The condition of repeated abortions without having any successful pregnancy should be also included under infertility. 

  1. Primary infertility
  2. Secondary infertility

Effects of infertility

In the male dominating society, for infertility, the female partner is generally blamed and she becomes the victim of social gossip for her barrenness. This gradually brings forth unhappiness in the female partner, psychosomatic ill-health and even suicide. For the literate society, infertility brings forth family unhappiness, marital disharmony which many end in divorce.

Factors responsible for successful fertility are the following
  1. Testes must produce healthy motile sperm
  2. Sparm transport has to be deposited at the 'external os' through satisfactory coitus. This has to be transported through cervical mucus, uterine cavity and tubal lumen
  3. The ovary must produce healthy ovum by ovulation and ovum is picked up by the fallopian tube.
  4. Fertilization occurs at the tubal lumen and the zygote is transported through the tube to be implanted on the healthy progesterone primed endometrium. The embryo grows to healthy baby in uterine incubator and baby is sagely delivered.

One or multiple factors may interfere in the process of fertility as the following:

Infantility is present before puberty, after menopause, during pregnancy and sometimes during lactation. During these periods ovulation does not occur. Physiological sterility exists in a couple who have contracted marriage before or after the reproductive age.

  1. Faulty male factors are responsible in about one-fourth cases
  2. Faulty female factors are responsible in another one-half cases
  3. Faulty combined male-female factors are responsible in remaining one-fourth cases


Male factors
  1. Above 45 years
  2. Obesity
  3. Heavy smoking and alcoholism
  4. Hypothalamic pituitary dysfunction, hypothyroidism, diabetes
  5. Coital difficulty
  6. Psychological; Nervous tension about sex, psychiatric illness causes impotency
  7. Sperm autoagglutination and autoimmobilising antibodies develop against its sperm in 3-5% in vas obstruction, orchitis or testicular biopsy.
  1. Age over 35 years
  2. Obesity
  3. Severe anemia
  4. Psychological: Such as fear of doing sex, marital disharmony works though tubal spasm and infrequent coitus 
  5. Thyroid dysfunction
  6. Hypogonadotropic amenorrhea
  7. Metropathic bleeding
  8. PCOD
  9. Agglutination or immobilizing antibodies against sperm is present in cervical mucus
  10. Genital factors such as vaginal factors: Narrow vaginal introitus, vaginismus, vaginitis, vaginal atresia or stenosis, escape of semen after coitus
  11. Anatomical defect
  12. Cervical polyps
  13. Hormonal disbalance

For male: 
  1. Semen analysis
  2. ABORh blood grouping
  3. VDRL

For female:
  1. Tubal patency test: Hysterosalpingography(HSG)
  2. USG of pelvic region
  3. Laparoscopy dye test
  4. Ovulation test
  5. Hormonal assay

What doctor does when come couple!
  1. Must take history of social and psychological
  2. Must assure to couple
  3. Should take and see investigated report and if necessary, request for another test for better confirmation
  4. If need surgery, then consider for that

Now come in homeopathic mode of treatment:
It is very essential pathy for this type of medical condition. 
Homeopathy must consider a case history along with investigation reports for 'individualization'.

Homeopathic point of view
  1. Firstly reveal out the cassation of infertility with the history of 'cast-taking'
  2. Then has to see, whether couple' age is eligible or not!
  3. Correction of psychological disorder, because if psychological disorder by any means persist, conceive does not possible. Maximum couple, especially females are suffering from psychological disorder if they do not conceive within one or two years in marital life. They worried and concern about it.
  4. Must solve if there is any bad exposure from society.
  5. Should correction the hormonal disorder regarding pregnancy
  6. Should correction metabolic disorder like Diabetes Mellitus
  7. Should reveal out, if there is any problem in  external os' of cervix. Because if 'external os' is thickened, pregnancy does not possible
  8. Must counsel the male partner and investigate whether motile active sperm in semen analysis is showing or not!
  9. Must confirm, if there is any history unnecessary abortion or surgery!
  10. Confirm, about regular menstruation cycle or any history of PCOD. Because ovarian cyst resists to develop active good ovum.
  11. Advice to stop smoking and alcoholism

Treatment and solve
  1. Advice medicine with the help of case-history after individualization. Individualization can solve maximum cases.
  2. Assurance to couple psychologically and must advice to live easy with happiness during treatment period and pregnancy.
  3. Should advice to avoid fast food, junk food as these are enhanced chances of PCOD and Obesity which are main cause of infertility now a days.
  4. Advice for regular normal home-made meal
  5. If any genetic factor supervene, then can try, but should not motivate to born defective child.

If 'external os' is thickened, Natrium Carbonicum 200 can solve the problem

If PCOD problem! Apis Mel 30 can solve the problem

If irregular menstruation, AsokaQ and SenecioQ can solve the problem

If tubal stricture, Staphysagria 30 can solve the problem

If thyroid dysfunction, Bromium 6 can solve the problem

But Constitutional medicine is only way out along with temporary problem.


Every women must claim to become mother, and she is always ready to become mother. If we do some correction over it, nothing can restrict to female become mother. Permanency with healthy child is demand for women.

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