Alcoholism or Drug addiction

Drug addiction


Alcoholism may be a chronic condition and it's caused by prolonged drinking of alcoholic beverages. It’s an insidious and progressive disease. The acute stage can cause irreversible damage to body tissues and eventual death.



  • Psychological factors-- like feelings of private inadequacy and self-dislike. Adventure, thrill.
  • Circumstantial factors-- like loneliness, poverty or marital struggles, social occasions.


Signs and symptoms

  • The victim also has inability to prevent drinking by an act of will.
  • Alcoholism are often identified by the fact, that alcoholic scarifies most goals and values for the sake of drinking
  • Besotted expression.



Persisting alcoholism not only affects the body but damages a number of the vital organs of the body also. a number of the common complication are as follows:


  • Cirrhosis of liver
  • Cancer of stomach and pancreas
  • Kidney failure
  • Cancer of mouth, tongue, throat if related to heavy smoking
  • Delirium tremens-- Acute episode of hallucinations or psychic problems because of sudden
  • withdrawal of alcohol
  • Brain damage can cause permanent alcoholic insanity in persisting alcoholism.



  • Complete barren of alcohol
  • Sleeping peels may help
  • Need rehabilitation, because an alcoholic person may have a mood change.


Homeopathic medicine

SULPHURIC ACID 3X five drops with a half cup of water thrice in a day probably a good medicine

QUERCUS E GLANDIBUS 3X thrice daily.

SYPHILINUM 200 one dose weekly.




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