Are you suffering from Gall Stones?

Gallstones are extremely common disease in human, females are mostly affected than males. Gallstones often that occur are composed primarily of cholesterol, which is thought to precipitate from supersaturated bile, especially at night when bile is concentrated in the gallbladder.

The risk factors for gallstone formation are:
  1. Obesity
  2. Glucose intolerance
  3. Insulin resistance
  4. Low carbohydrate diet
  5. Absence of physical activity
  6. Crohn's disease[regional ileitis]

Pigment gallstones, composed primarily of calcium bilirubinate, are found in patients with chronic hemolysis as we as in oriental populations. Most of the patients with gallstones are asymptomatic and should be treated expectantly. The surgical removal of asymptomatic gallstones is unnecessary except for diabetic patients in whom the risk of acute cholecystitis with complications is high.

Acute cholecystitis
  1. There is obstruction of the cystic duct by fill with gallstone
  2. Intense cholecystitis may happen optional to salmonellosis, polyarteritis nodosa, sepsis and injury.

Signs / Symptoms
  1. Attack starts with crampy pain in the epigastrium, right upper quadrant may radiate to the back near the right scapular tip
  2. Pain is often postprandial, typically subsiding within several hours
  3. Elevated temperature, fever, nausea, vomiting and ileus also present
  4. Tight upper quadrant tenderness on deep breathing is known as Murphy's sign
  5. Jaundice occurs in 20% cases

  1. Characteristic clinical picture
  2. Leukocytosis
  3. Raised serum bilirubin levels
  4. The serum amino transferase and alkaline phosphatase levels often elevated
  5. Ultrasonography
  6. Oral cholecystography

  1. Gangrene of gall bladder
  2. Cholangitis
  3. Chronic cholecystitis
  4. Empyema
  5. Perforation
  6. Emphysematous cholecystitis
  7. Post-cholecystectomy syndrome

  1. Supportive with intravenous fluid replacement
  2. The surgical intervention may be required in cases of gangrene of gall bladder, chronic cholecystitis. It is known as cholecystectomy

Homeopathic medicines

Carduus M Q should be given for any type of gallstones
Fel tauri 6 when stones in common bile duct
ChellidoniumQ when gallstones with jaundice due to obstruction, there is colic pain radiating to inferior angle of right scapula.

My prescription is always Cinchona off 6 and Carduus MQ for any types of gallstones
But remember do not retain gallstone in gallbladder for long time, after knowing it. Because gallstones sometimes turn into carcinoma if untreated for long time.

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