Infantile Colic

Infantile colic


Infantile colic is characterized by paroxysms of irritability, fussing, or crying lasting for an entire of quite 3 hours per day, lasting on quite 3 days during every week, for a minimum of three weeks. 20% of infants experience colic especially during the first 6 weeks of life until 3 to 4 months aged. this is often a lightweight and self-limiting condition and subsides with appropriate measures.


Food habit change
Insufficient nursing
Intestinal Microbes
Lactose malabsorption

Homeopathic medicine

Colocynth: In this remedy, there is crampy pain, twisting, cutting pains. The patient is best by hard pressure and warmth and bending double.

Chamomilla: This medicine is especially suited for children who are extremely irritable and restless mentally. Sensitivity to pain is extremely marked. Vigorous cramping pain with red cheeks. One cheek of the child is a hotdog and the other pale. Worse by heat, anger, open air. The infant feels better when carried. Here are green watery stools, slimy like chopped spinach with colic complaints.

Mag Phos: It is the best bio-chemic anti-spasmodic remedy for colic pains, relieved by warmth and rubbing is the keynote for this remedy. Flatulence with no relief.

Lycopodium: it's an honest medicine suited to well-growing children with a huge appetite. Colic with distension after feeds. Complaints that worsen from 4 to 8pm are the keynote symptom of lycopodium. The child feels hungry even when ill.

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