The character of kids is peculiar, children who need love the foremost will always invite it within the foremost unloving ways.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) could also be a standard behavioral disorder. Earlier thought to be a disease of childhood, it's now known to be present in adults also.

ADHD could also be a psychiatric disorder of neuro-developmental type where the patient manifests worrisome behaviour within the type of inattention, hyperactivity and / or impulsive in such a fashion that it affects their daily routine.

ADHD usually gives no sign by the age of 6 to 12 years even one or two years more and to be confirmed, the symptoms need to be present for quite 6 months.

ADHD can impose problems in several aspects of life including relationships, social interactions also in school or workplace. This is often the rationale why it must be managed at the earliest.
SOME OF our greatest Homeopathic REMEDIES INCLUDE:

Tarentula 200 - Indicated in folks that are extremely restless, destructive, throw temper tantrums and have a deceitful nature, sometimes loves music.

Silicea 200 - Headstrong children who are peevish and cross and show marked lack of attention, smell of sweat is carrion like.

Tuberculinum 1M - Indicated in cases of destructive behaviour, people of very irritable and restless, wish to travel and amuse themselves, history of tuberculosis is strong indication.

Hyoscyamus 200 - Violent children who have a bent to throw things. Such children also wish to remove their clothes much to the chagrin of people around them, could even be seen hysteria.

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