Diaper Dermatitis


It is a very common condition for almost every neonate or baby under age group 2 to 14 months. This type of dermatitis for children or diaper rash, affects the skin when comes at contact of napkin or diaper. cloth nappies are more likely to cause it. The babies who wear napkins, but sometimes may affect adults and youngsters those have history of incontinence of urine or stooling and compel to use diapers.

It can be known as Napkin Dermatitis/ Nappy rash/ Diaper rash/ Irritant Diaper Dermatitis. Diaper rash may be due to wear diaper or napkin or due to un-freshness. Mostly age group 9-12 months or more sometimes, which occurs due to contact of diaper, gets easily affected, because it is very tender, painful and soft. There is a risk, where patient has lack of immunity.

'Diaper dermatitis' are often irritating and aggravating condition which may make irritable and frustrated.

Homeopathic Medicine

Graphitis : Here in this remedy for diaper dermatitis, the skin looks like a cracked and sticky, allergy to milk.

Medorrhenum : It is very good medicine for diaper rash where skin looks red, shiny and painful rashes in restless and oversensitive babies.

Borax: Here in this remedy, the symptoms are babies cry, screaming suddenly, before nursing or before passing stool or urine. Especially when skin is dry and inflamed and itch.

Cantheris: It is very good remedy for diaper rash or dermatitis, where skin looks red, scaly, scalded or burning sensation etc. The keynote symptoms are red, hot and painful blisters. Cold water and touch aggravates the skin condition.

Heper Sulphuricum:  A good remedy for napkin rashes, where skin is sensitive and tender. Who are chilly and likes warm things. Rashes with pus formation which smells foul.

Petroleum : Here in this remedy for diaper rashes, there is raw and sensitive skin around genitalia. Cracked skin with bleeding and very dry.

Silicea: This medicine is a good for the skin, where every little injury suppurates with offensive pus in it. There is carrion like odor. Child nipple may be cracked.

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