MEASLES: Expert Homeopathy



It is a viral disease caused by a paramyxovirus group of viruses spread by droplet infection. Measles is most prevalent in spring seasons and in children. Sometimes it's going to be seen in adulthood.


Infectivity period

From the onset of the prodromal period to 4 days after appearing of rash


Incubation period

10 days generally


Signs and Symptoms

There are three stages in the whole 10 days


Prodromal stage

Starts with cold with watery nasal discharge, sneezing, watering from eyes, and irritation of the nose

Redness of eyes appear within one or two days

KOPLIK'S SPOT may be a significance of measles. it's a little white spot at the position of upper 3rd pre-molar tooth where parotid duct opens.

There could also be hoarseness of voice

Exanthematous stage

On the 4th day, there's a red macular or maculopapular skin rashes appear behind ears and on the forehead, afterward whole body.

Last stage or stage of recovery

After appearing of rashes, within 2-3 days rashes dissolve in faint brown stain followed by brown desquamation. Fever and malaise also subside.



POST MEASLES STATERoutine examination of blood shows leucopenia, which means diminish of WBC count in peripheral blood

Fluorescent antibody tests are often done

Virus are often isolated from pharyngeal secretion.



Otitis media

Acute lobular pneumonia

Bronchitis or bronchiolitis

Corneal ulceration

Sub-acute Sclerosing Pan-encephalitis

There are chronic illness results characterized by anorexia[ loss of appetite ], diarrhea.



The patient should be isolated

Complete bed rest

The patient should be kept in ventilated room

Regular irrigation of eyes


Homeopathic medicines

PULSATILLA 30 one dose twice daily

GELSEMIUM 30 is another excellent medicine for measles

EUPHRASIA 30 can use in the same manner

MORBILLIUM 30 for the prevention of measles



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