ANEMIA: Expert Homeopathy



It is a condition of quantitative and qualitative diminution of RBC [red blood corpuscles] also as Hemoglobin in peripheral circulation in our body is named Anemia.



There are much causation of Anemia

Increased Iron utilization -- Adolescent growth spurt, Post-natal growth spurt

Physiological Iron loss-- Pregnancy, Menstruation

Pathological iron loss-- Genito-urinary bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, Pulmonary hemosiderosis, Intravascular hemolysis etc.

Decreased iron intake-- Food faddists, Cereal-rich, meat-poor diet, etc

Aged or Elderly people suffer from iron deficiency anemia because most of the red bone marrow convert in yellow bone marrow

Malabsorption is another causation of Anemia for the many reasons



Functional heart murmur in mitral and pulmonary area

General Features: Fatigue [lack of muscle coordination], Breathlessness in severe cases, Headache, Pallor of skin [loss of glossiness], Palpitation etc.

Glossitis [ulcer on the tongue], Angular stomatitis [ulceration at the corner of mouth]

Dysphagia [Plummer Vinson syndrome]

Enlarged spleen



Megaloblastic Anemia

It is also called pernicious anemia, it is for Vit.B12 and folic acid deficiency.



Nutritional: Diet deficient in B12 and Folate in vegetarians

Defective absorption

Deficiency of factor [Castle’s factor], it's a plasma think about blood.

Disease in Pyloric a part of stomach.

Worms infestations e.g. Fish tapeworm


Deficiency of Vit C

Vit C maintains the permeability of the capillary system, deficiency of vit. c is caused by bleeding and increase hemolysis. Here anemia is related to scurvy.


Hemolytic Anemia

Anemia for the excessive blood loss by any means



Due to congenital abnormalities of RBC

Hereditary-- Thalassemia, Sickle cells disease

Mechanical trauma-- Burns, accident etc.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia


Viral pneumonia

Mismatched blood transfusion


Aplastic Anemia

It is for the Hypoplasia or aplasia of bone marrow



Most cases are unknown. it's seen commonly in young and elderly peoples

Cytotoxic drugs, pesticides, chemicals may cause this sort of anemia


Anemia for the chronic diseases


Chronic infection

Chronic uremia

Chronic disease

Connective tissue disorder



CBC [ complete blood count ]

Peripheral smear morphology

Bone marrow investigation

Stool- OBT [ occult biopsy ]



Iron-rich diet

Treat underlying pathology

If need, transfusion when required



CHINA 6 one drop twice daily

FERRUM MET 6 one drop twice daily as per condition

ALFALFA Q 10 drops twice daily with a half a cup of water

NAT MUR 200 one drop by hebdomadally

PICRIC ACID 3 one drop twice daily where bone marrow affected

THYRODINUM 30 one drop by every morning, where Goitrous subjects who have nervous weakness, palpitation and chilliness.


NB: Need physician's consultation


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