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Bronchial Asthma may be a chronic inflammatory condition or disorder of airways that is characterized by attacks of paroxysmal dyspnea chiefly expiratory thanks to widespread narrowing of the bronchioles by spasm, mucosal swelling.

  • Heredity
  • Allergic disorders like eczema, rhinitis, etc.
  • Suppression of disease of the skin
  • Too much sensitivity to dust, fungal spores, fish, pollen, egg, etc
  • Sudden changes in temperature.
  • Upper tract infection
  • Nonspecific: Tobacco smoking, damp cold air, and fumes, exercise

  • Rapid pulse
  • Systolic pressure elevation
  • The patient assumes an upright sitting posture with back elevation.

  • Feeling the tightness of chest
  • Pulse rapid
  • Central cyanosis could also be present
  • Anxiety
  • Perspiration
  • Cold extremities
  • Expiration becomes a conscious and exhaustion effort
  • Wheezing could also be heard which is chiefly expiratory
  • Unproductive cough which aggravates dyspnea.

  • Pulmonary function test
  • Routine Blood. Eosinophilia may show
  • X-ray- shows nothing if uncomplicated. When there is COPD or only emphysema, a pigeon-shaped chest may be seen.

What is asthma

When difficulties in breathing persist for many hours or days. The sputum is very less with eosinophils, leucocytes, and gelatinous casts of small bronchi- Cushman's spirals.

  • Rest in bed in propped up position
  • Moist O2 inhalation.

  • Airway infection
  • Corpulmonale
  • Syncope
  • Pneumothorax

Homeopathic medicines

ARSENICUM ALBUM 6 one dose twice daily

CASSIA SOPHERA Q 10 drops twice daily

IPECAC 6 one dose twice daily

NAT. SULPH 6X 4 tabs twice daily

BLATTA ORI Q 10 drops twice daily

BACILLINUM 200 one dose at 15 days interval

These medicines are applied as per the condition.


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