When inflammation in pancreas occurs, then pancreatitis and when end in permanent structural acute damage of pancreatic tissue then called Chronic Pancreatitis.



The gallstone which causes only acute attacks of pancreatitis.

The cystic fibrosis another common cause for chronic diseases in children.



Malabsorption occurs in association with steatorrhea and weight loss.

Pain, the standard presenting symptom typically occurs within the epigastrium after eating and radiates to the rear .

Loss of apatite, Nausea, Vomiting, Constipation, Flatulence are the common symptoms of Chronic Pancreatitis.

Pain and tenderness over pancreas, mild guarding could also be noticed.

There may be sometimes jaundice or edema and fibrosis within the pancreatic head and causes obstruction of the pancreatic portion of the common duct.

The diabetes Mellitus is common, results ketoacidosis, nephropathy and diabetic vascular disease rarely occur.



In blood test, serum amylase and lipase level could also be raised. Fecal fat could also be increased.

Abdominal X-ray, which reveals pancreatic calcification in 35%-45% of cases

ERCP: Shows diffuse ductile dilation with and irregular beaded appearance

CT SCAN and Endoscopic



Control of pain

Now a days a chance of replacement of pancreatic enzymes is indicated if steatorrhea is documented.

Subtotal pancreatectomy if necessary



BELLADONNA 3 one dose fourfold during a day

IRIS VER 6 one dose twice daily if there is  burning sensation along pain

IODUM 30 , where pancreatic disease with cutting pain in abdomen. Empty eructation and patient is sensitive to heat

Need physician's consultation

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