Why Homeopathy is best!

Do you know why homeopathy is best !

There are many reasons to stand homeopathy best...Do you know, if you take right homeopathic medicine, it can give you faster relief than any other medicines of different pathies!
Yes, It can give you fast action than any other medicines of different pathies.. Because it is made in dynamic way with the help of "Brownian motion" of particles, more potentization more enhance of motion, that means enhance power of medicine..
The pattern of motion alternates random fluctuations in a particle's position inside a fluid sub-domain with a relocation to another sub-domain. And this again relocate by another particle and going on in same process.

  • This motion depends upon Thermal equilibrium
  • On Temperature
  • The direction of succussion during potentisation
  • More succussion more enhance kinetic energy.

  • Homeopathic medicine acts through nerve by giving stimulation and the main cause is this to fast action
  • Those medicines are act through blood or by any means without using nerve, that should be late action and it is science.
  • Homeopathy is approved by the FDA and unlike modern drugs, has never had a history of even one remedy having been forced off the market for adverse reaction.[ One of the founder of the FDA was Dr. Royal Copeland, a homeopathic physician
  • It has minimum /no side effects
  • Still low cost price
  • If diagnosis is correct and medicine selection is correct, then no need much medicines, minimum medicine can give recover or cure .
  • It can be use as emergency medicine if physician is proficient and know which medicine is used for emergency purpose.
  • Homeopathic medicine can use for children, older patient very safely.


Like reddish sugar of milk or cane sugar like globules. This is very dangerous to health.
@ If physician write on his/her prescription like one dose, two doses, three We must verify the before buying any types of prescribed medicines.. Because in homeopathy, most of the patients do not get good quality medicines from medicinal shops. They take medicines but do not get results. It is the main problem in homeopathy... So patients blame Homeopaths…
Most of the shop corners give dilutions or potentized medicines in faulty ways.
@ Sometimes they dispense very old medicines in which power of potency may totally damaged
@ Sometimes they dispense those medicines which are made in their own medicine shop without maintain proper pharmacy
@ Most of the time they mixed bottles of vehicles such as alcohol, aqua dist or others to a little seal vial potentized medicines which was bought from company. So power of medicines totally changed
@ Sometimes pharmacist dispenses medicines with expired vehicles doses such as, most of the pharmacists do not understand the proper meaning of medicines and doses...
@ Most of the shop corners have inadequate knowledge regarding medicines or doses

@Most of the dispenser does not have the basic education.  

Which medicines are proper?

I always suggest my patients to buy seal vial if you want better treatment.
Somebody says, if doctor suggests only one dose then we have to buy whole bottle! Answer is yes... Because when doctor prescribes a single dose, that is the main and key medicine for you. So need best quality.
You can buy directly from company’s wing, available in many places and here you can take as per dose, because here chances of adulteration is less...
You can get your medicines in 10ml, 30ml or 100ml seal vial.
Where the prescribed medicine in doses one or two such as, can buy 10 ml seal vial and take one drop as one dose...
It should be maintain for better treatment and better homeopathy...

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