Free Homeopathy Teaching for Village Doctors


Many people in the village take homeopathy treatment. The quack doctor, a kind of village doctor, has kept the people of the village alive. Although they have no institutional education, they treat patients by reading books, and heal patients. Government hospitals or government health centers are far away in many places. As a result, the people in the villages do not get proper treatment there, or in some villages, there is no government health center or government hospital, or there is insufficient infrastructure. Where people are forced to rush to the city for their treatment. So I have this new initiative for all the doctors in the village who practice homeopathy. I decided to discuss various patients and their treatment with village doctors through "GOOGLE MEET" after a fixed time at night. I know they have a lot of experience in treating the people of the village for a long time.
However, if I teach them certain techniques and discuss various diseases, I believe that the discussion will surely become their path, and the village people will benefit from it, as will the doctors who keep the village alive.

This discussion is completely free. I talk to the village doctors who keep the village alive. If the people of the village benefit from this discussion, then I will be very happy. I want doctors who treat village people to contact my WhatsApp number. Because I need to create a group.
This is my new initiative and effort to improve the treatment of the people of the village. I hope many people will benefit from this initiative. And the government will be happy with my action...

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