The treatment procedure of Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a rational science and arts. It can cure a patient as a whole, that is meant, disease is eradicated in its whole extents. Yes, it depends on sign and symptoms along with investigations.

I am Dr Anutosh Chakraborty, telling my point of views about homeopathy after long experience. I got many patients who are already taken the treatment from different paths. After gathering the knowledge I come to understand the treatment is very difficult for a critical patient, not only emergency case, but chronic disease also.
Because, many patients come with their diseases after taking hazards treatment from different pathies as well as my own pathy.


What should be the motto of a physician?

Many of us pass medical science, but forget that when a patient comes to me, he brings his pain, not to talk. So our main task is to cure the patient quickly. As the patient is benefited, his pain is reduced, the reputation of the Doctor spread quickly. That should be the aim of all our doctors, to be careful enough with his treatment, and to see the patient as soon as possible to get rid of the disease, for that is our aim.

How to do homeopathy?

There are many homeopathy doctors, who prescribe many medicines within prescription. But you don't understand whether the medicine is fixing the disease properly. To write many medicines in a prescription means that the doctor has little experience, or he does not know what the medicine for that disease will be! That is why they prescribe many medicines within a prescription. Our teacher Mahatma Hahnemann says that only one medicine should be selected in a prescription. If not, we will not be able to understand the effectiveness of the medicine, and will not be able to make the next prescription. As a result, the patient will never recover, but what do we do! We prescribe many medicines in a prescription, people buy and consume those medicines for their ailments, but do not want to cure them, this gives Homeopathy a bad name.

In Homeopathy, only one medicine should be prescribed after long case-taking. Because, no disease manifests without this cause. There must be something in that patient that is causing his external sinus symptoms. That is what we call disease.
Bacteria, viruses come much later. Long before that, your body's immunity power has decreased due to the weakening of the vital force, and your symptoms are showing up. Bacteria, viruses are the final stages of disease, which we can see with our eyes. Therefore, according to Homeopathy, if the vital force is strengthened without removing the bacteria, virus, then the bacteria and virus will not penetrate, and the body will recover.

When a patient comes to the doctor, he first has to undergo some tests. For example, his heart, lungs, pulse, blood pressure, weight, anemia, jaundice, cyanosis, edema have to be checked. It can catch many things. After that, some abdominal examination has to be done. If there is any pain or anything in the stomach, then the doctor can understand it. Then you have to see what kind of disease or what kind of trouble the patient came to you.

This time the homeopathy follow-up will start, i.e. collection of various signs and symptoms. Especially the mental symptoms are very necessary, then after completing these general or physical symptoms, the totality of symptoms has to be done.

After that, evaluation of symptoms should be prescribed. In that case, it will be seen that many medicines are being prescribed for that disease, so only one medicine should be selected from many medicines with the special knowledge of the doctor. Which is very useful in that patient. If the medicine is applied in very small quantity on the disease, then the disease will definitely be cured. This is homeopathy.
But medicine selection is very tough after proper case-taking and evaluation of symptoms.

Procedure of Homeopathy treatment in steps:

Patient comes with Disease

Do Clinical Check-up

Do Abdominal palpation

Note all results on your prescription

Take Family history in related to disease

Take patient's past disease history

Take mental general symptoms

Take physical general symptoms

Take Childhood history

Take patient's own personality test

If female patient, take menstrual history and obstetrics history

Try to collect uncommon peculiar symptoms if any

Do evaluation of symptoms

Do totality of symptoms

Do repertorisation


Suggest similimum medicine among similar medicines (1st prescription)

Wait for two months for chronic disease

Thank you

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