Physician's criteria before treating a patient


A doctor or physician should have the following criteria before treating any type of disease: (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

With the help of instruments or frequent investigations can make a doctor layman. If a doctor depends upon investigations always, that means he or she has not sufficient knowledge of the disease, and that is why the chances of misguiding or maltreatment arise.

If a doctor treats a disease, that means, he/she should have knowledge over that type of particular disease.
Yes, until and unless the physician gives investigations, that diagnosis keeps under provisional but from the side of the physician, he/she should be confident over that disease which is treating by himself or herself. The investigation is the second part of treatment. Yes, some emergencies or trauma where definitely need investigations, there must do it.

1) A doctor should be gentle, calm, and well-behaved.

2) A doctor should have the knowledge over a disease practically, which treats that time.

3) A doctor should have to check clinically a patient and get a provisional diagnosis first.

4) A doctor should have prescribed for a disease on the basis of a clinical check-up.

5) Some diseases must need investigations before treatment, but a knowledgeable physician can prescribe.

6) Do not go to those physicians, who have no time for patients later.

7) A physician must pick up the phone or be available on specific contact for the patients.

8) Contact number should be connected to the doctor directly, no via number is acceptable.

9) A consultation is mandatory, it does not mean, prescribing medicines always.

10) Patients need a way out to recover from their sufferings. So doctor should advise the proper way out to the patient.

11) As per WHO, the investigation is mandatory from a medico-legal point of view. but a physician has the authorization to treat the patient first.

12) Do not force the patient to go to a specific investigation center as it may arise uncomfortable to the patient.

13) A physician has a right to choose the patient.

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(Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

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