MBBS interns must take Ayush training: NMC

NMC bills AYUSH for MBBS
In NMC bills is specifically insists to take Homeopathic training in the name of AYUSH. Because in modern medicine of system, there are lots of physicians prescribe the Ayurveda medicines in their prescription already for their patients in daily clinic. Homeopathy is a system where nobody can prescribe medicines without some knowledge of it. Except for Homeopathy, the rest of AYUSH is minor, and that is why the Central government wants to integrate homeopathy into allopath.


Because there is no treatment in the modern medicine system for chronic diseases. They keep their name as a super specialty, but actually, they are innocent to treat chronic diseases.

There are many departments for many diseases, most of them belong to chronic diseases. They keep their name as a specialist for some chronic diseases but no true treatment actually. The patients come to those departments and take the treatment, but ultimately goes to bad prognosis sometimes.

That is why, the government decided, if introduce homeopathy with the treatment of modern medicine, it can be better. They will be called specialists but prescribe homeopathy.

Some departments of chronic diseases follow below:

Skin: This department only does suppression and palliation, they do not need any history, no clinical test, but prescribe some drugs to suppress. After sometimes that disease again recur. The only homeopathy can cure it, except autoimmune disease.

Rheumatology: There is no treatment for autoimmune disease. But they keep their name as specialists. Only DMD prescribe. This disease increases day by day and ultimately death occurs. There are only two or three specific compositions with different brand names. That does not mean, that homeopathy can cure it easily, but can be an arrest disease for a long long time.

Orthopedic: Tell me anybody what type of conservative treatments belong to orthopedic for orthopedic patients! Nothing. Only painkillers, calcium, antacid, and DMD. They depend upon surgery only. But in homeopathy, it can be an arrest with very low treatment cost.

Mental disease: Anybody can say, what type of treatment gives to patients! what is the success rate! Homeopathy can cure if that is curable.

Gynecology: Tell me, anybody, what type of treatment is there for chronic gynecology problems and what is the success rate! Homeopathy can treat it.

Oncology: Can say anybody, what is the success rate for tumors for both benign and malignant!

Homeopathy (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

It is not easy to get an education on homeopathy If anybody is interested to learn homeopathy, I must say do not come for chuck. Because you will be a failure. It is not easy like another medical system. The failure rates in homeopathy are much. Because a similar medicine searching after taking proper individualization is not an easy task. If anybody does think that, knowing the name of medicines like another medical system, will open the treatment procedure, then I must say it is wrong.

Because one medicine can relieve many diseases. For example, If one patent comes with a headache and is prescribed Belladonna, it is possible the same symptoms to another patient can be different, and can be prescribed Bryonia as per individualization. Here the headache symptoms are the same but other symptoms may be different, and that is why prescribed different medicines. Belladonna can relieve others diseases also like other homeopathic medicines.

So If an MBBS intern will get interested in homeopathy, he/she should know homeopathic drugs thoroughly along with pharmacy and organon of medicine. Without these three wings, he/she should be a failure. Other subjects are the same in all medical systems.

I do not want anybody to ignore my system without knowing properly. Because I know there might be a change of ignoring.

[NB: Surgery and managements are not a property to a specific system, unfortunately, the world does not allow surgery for homeopaths, and that is why they called themselves super-specialist]

Thank you.

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