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Mrs. Angela has always had headaches since she can remember it. At first, it was only a dull pain, and it was fine after sleeping for a while, but then the number of headaches became more frequent and the pain became more and more intense. When the pain is great, it's like a sharp axe splitting her head. She saw countless doctors, and after taking the medicine, the pain eased slightly, but once the effect of the medicine passed, the headache remained, and the amount of medicine increased from one to a few. After taking too much medicine, she often suffers from stomach pain and bloating, can't sleep at night, is depressed day by day, does not like to make friends, and feels that life is no fun.

The explanation or Etiology:

There are many causes of headaches. To put it simply, they can be classified according to the following causes:

Vascular swelling

Factors such as emotional stress and drinking alcohol will dilate blood vessels in the brain, compressing the nerves, causing headaches. Migraine is one example. The blood vessels in the head of migraine sufferers may have an allergic reaction to external stimuli. At first, some blood vessels constrict, blocking the flow of blood into the brain, causing numbness and loss of vision. Later, the blood vessels are congested and the nerves are compressed. Certain foods, such as chocolate, alcohol, MSG, and nitrate-containing foods (such as ham), may also cause headaches.

Treatment methods: Analgesics, tranquilizers, and antidepressants whose main function is to constrict blood vessels and prevent their dilation.

Muscle contraction
Due to tension or incorrect posture (as usual when listening to the phone with your head sideways, incorrect sleeping posture), the cervical spine is compressed, causing muscle cramps in the head and neck.

Treatment method: Correct incorrect posture, with analgesics, muscle relaxants, and antidepressants.

The most common cause of inflammation is sinusitis. When nasal mucus cannot be discharged from the nasal cavity, it will accumulate in the nasal cavity and build up pressure, causing headaches. Other causes of inflammation are dental disease, aneurysm, infection, high blood pressure, or brain tumor.

Treatment method: It depends on the result. If an inflammatory headache is caused by an infection in the sinuses, analgesics, antihistamines (to dry the tissues in the sinuses), or decongestants (to increase the discharge of secretions in the sinuses) are usually used. If it is a tumor problem, surgery may be required.

Internal injury
The liver is the detoxification filter organ in the digestive system. All toxins from foreign objects and the blood returning from the lower abdominal cavity to the heart are processed by it. If what you eat on weekdays is the “toxins” that the liver needs to “work overtime” to deal with, including all fried, pickled, spicy, fatty, processed foods, and materials treated with chemical pesticides or additives (including sugar, Table salt, high-temperature cooking oil), and even chemically synthesized drugs, etc., will overwork the liver. Once the blood circulation is not smooth, the detoxification process and the return of blood in the lower abdominal cavity will be blocked, resulting in liver congestion and compression of the inferior vena cava. As a result, anger rises, causing head swelling and headaches. In addition, you may feel upset, irritable, have poor sleep, and dry mouth.

Kidney deficiency
Physical weakness, the imbalance between left and right kidney, insufficient in left, rising relative right fire, causing headaches. This kind of heat is a kind of virtual heat, which is different from the actual heat mentioned above. This type of headache is also accompanied by tinnitus, frequent urination, backaches, and other phenomena.

Insufficiency of blood supply
Poor blood circulation, hypoxia in the brain, resulting in dull head pain, palpitations, dizziness, and depression. During menstruation, women lose more blood in menstruation or menorrhagia and have such headaches.

Treatment method:
Headaches, especially long-term headaches, are often caused by multiple reasons. The pathology should be distinguished during treatment, and there should be ordered at the same time. The simplest problem is a headache caused by a cold. As long as the cold is cleared, the headache will disappear. However, if the headache is caused by a number of internal injury factors, it is more troublesome. First, clear the liver and heat, then nourish the kidney and blood. Otherwise, the liver will be stagnant and the disorder will be more serious. Although some people are very hot, their physique is very weak, if they only focus on clearing the heat, it will make them weaker. How to achieve a balance depends on the physique of individual patients and cannot be generalized. 

Some people with trauma work at desks for long periods of time during office time or somewhat in house, causing the neck muscles to be strained for a long time, resulting in rigidity of the neck muscles, degeneration and deformation of the cervical spine, tightening of the carotid arteries, reduced blood supply to the brain, and naturally susceptible to headaches and dizziness. In addition, some minor accidents can also cause muscle problems, such as sprains, falls, and dislocation of the cervical spine due to a sudden stop while in a car. Inappropriate exercise can also cause excessive compression of the spine and cause headaches.

Some seemingly minor problems, in fact, if they are not treated in time, there will be endless troubles. For example, compression of the cervical spine may affect the lumbar spine, cardiopulmonary system, blood pressure, and other problems. Therefore, it is best to seek professional help to push the hardened joints loose with the correct method. I would like to remind everyone not to find someone to treat cervical spine problems casually, because the professional qualifications in this area are not yet regulated, and the problem will not be more serious.

Homeopathic Medicine (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Belladonna for bursting headache
Cinchona for throbbing headache
Bryonia for dull and headache from sunlight
Ignatia for psychological headache

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