Dissection of Woman Mind

Woman Mind

Introduction (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Being a physician I am glad to confess, that woman is the key to the universe. Tell me how?

Yes, it is the big question, why I am using the key for a woman!
If we thought there is a lock and need to open it, we should place the right key at the right place to open that lock, otherwise, no chance to see a surprise!

Here I used the "Dissection" word because I interact with many women with variety. But believe me, I found every woman is the same by nature. There is no difference like a male..............

We say females can change the color of the mind for themselves, But it is wrong. Females change the color of mind for the purpose of male-only.

I see in google or in various writings, only differentiate the females by nature or how to interact with them or searching the unnatural brain phenomena with the help of science. But nobody proofs the actual cause, nobody taking a female by heart. All are justifying by nature or by other means.

The main causation is hidden in a female "case-taking". I found they are divided into six segments which are full of mystery, curiosity, and duty.

Parts of a female life


I am going to discuss it step by step philosophically and scientifically.


The newborn baby may be female or male, both are the same philosophically, but partly different anatomically and partly physiologically. They grew their own dreaming life in this stage. They do not know, who they are, or where they come from! They only know the parents, eating foods, and playing.
They do not know the faith of the future or what they have done!
If they belong to a rich family, can grow happy, but if they belong to a poor family, can see every day fighting for alive. But in every situation, they are innocent.

Here the question and answer start and enter into the preadolescence period or stage which separate a female to male......................


I am glad to write this interesting topic and try to justify with my little knowledge.
From age of 8 years to 14 years, the time of building future.
Parents can put their rule on them and make the right path for them.

When a female enters this stage, she observes, her mother is always under the rule of the father or family. Her mother does that work, what family or father want. And that is the prime motto in her life.

The same thing for male preadolescence, a male follow the rule of the father and see what the father does!
Naturally, differences will arise in this stage. Female follows mother and male follows the father.

Mind suppression stats in this stage. In every country, in every family, the situation is almost the same.

A female starts to understand her mind this is correct, and it is natural. The mother also believes in this rule. So females should have to follow.

It comes in a strong position when menstruation starts. Mother insists to understand, now you should not make a play like a male, do not move anytime in any place, Do not mingle with males. Must hide and protect you from the outer world.

Suppression starts and becomes a belief day by day. Yes, this is a crucial period for a female, because sexual appeal arises to the opposite partner in every female but not in males. In this stage, any adult male can motivate easily a female to intercourse. Because females are actually innocent about this matter and come to understand when that perversion occurred. So parents should advise to protect her. But others activities of the mother will become featured on her mind and confined to a single room of image.


From age of 14 to immediate 18 years. In this stage, a female can understand more or less everything to differentiate from a male. But in this active stage, they compel to do some homework with their daily study which is different from a male. Another mind suppression for females. These works are mostly in-house work. So female candidates are bound to be confined in the house most of the time. Where a male candidate can round and round with their friends along with study. All colorful events become more colorful for males and less colorful for females. Here is another suppression for females.

[Some females of advanced countries are advanced by their nature and do work openly or not conservatives like third world country. But justifying a female, they are the same in nature by any means]


From age of 18 to 45 years. In this period a female enters into active life.
She married someone, she controls the family, she works, she brings a new member to the family.

In this stage, she does those works, which she earned from her mother. And want to spend life like her mother corely. She can enhance her life better to some extent or maybe be disheartened by someone doing wrong with her.

But mind suppression continues!

One thing we see, females want to depend on a male every time by any means.

Because the suppression in childhood and preadolescence life continues in total life span for females.

And you know! if anybody does the same work each time for long periods, the structure of DNA can be changed, and become what they want. but it is a long process and generation wise.


From the age of 40 to 50 years. In this stage, a female did everything and wants a relax for the rest of her life. But again suppression of the mind starts by family or by the environment. And in this stage, they are irritable due to their hormonal changes. One side suppression and other side physiology change, which can not understand to a male and problem arise.


From age of 55 to the rest of life. In this stage, a female mostly becomes inefficient and tries to depend on someone. 
But somebody can not be peaceful due to the family or money or by other means.

Life ends.

I dissect total life from born to end here. Justification from my point of view...


1) The gray matter is not denoted here to evaluate a female here. I said about the vital mind or core mental state of a female.

2) Understanding a female is not difficult, which everybody says and female enjoys.

3) Females can not proceed first due to their childhood and preadolescence suppression of mind. In this way they are afraid to interact or hesitate to an unknown. It may be seen in some males also.

3) A female when becoming a woman, she tries to adjust to family or everything like her mother, which has already been taught from her mother. And she tries by her own strategy. Anybody can do it!

4) A woman loves her family heartily Because she spends in the house most of the time and controls everything with her own hands. So if anybody wants to destroy, she can be furious without any hesitation.

5) Woman gives birth and that is why she only knows the essence of core life.

6) You approach a woman, she refused. It does not mean she is abstract rather she wants to know more about you. If you are secured, she again turns you, because they want security from you by nature of the gene, which is formed generation-wise.

7) If a woman understood that you are secured, she can do anything for you. Because it is taught by her mother. She believes that you are the only secured person for her and the outer world is insecure.

8) All females can not make a decision at the right time and depend on somebody. Because of her decision will go to wrong! family or society will be upset. It does not mean, she can not make a decision! it is due to a lack of confidence because she saw her mother in childhood and in adolescence periods.

9) If any female does work outside in any sectors, misuses by someone or takes opportunity from her, or make a model forcibly and it is common in every country. So they feel insecure in any place at any time. And these events give birth to a mysterious mind. And we explain them as a mysterious woman.

10) So when they get some space for their own, they feel, they are a happy woman in the world. It is just a little escape from a regular cage. Just happiness. The main thing was built past in the family.

Female >> Adolescence >> Adult woman >> Wife >> Mother >> Active Mother >> Grand Mother >> The End.

No need for brain dissection, No need for hypothesis, No need for criticism, No need for a laugh.
Only need a CASE TAKING and understanding.

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