Baby weakness homeopathic medicines

Baby weakness

Most of the parents are worried about the weakness of their baby and come to the clinic with a worried face. Say why my baby is not charming! is there any problem happening! 

1) Weakness means a decrease in muscle strength or lack of muscular coordination due to sometimes malnutrition or some internal problems.

2) Paralysis is a serious loss of nerve power. The child won't be able to move from one part of the body.

3) Fatigue, which means extreme exhaustion and the need for peace. Muscle strength was normal.

The symptoms of weakness of baby (asthenia)

The real weakness will always get in the way of work. When the child begins to walk away, and the weakness manifests itself more and more in the legs than in the hands. The reason: the power of the muscles, it is essential for the normal running speed.

Any weakness in your legs. What you are seeing. Examples: the trouble with standing, walking, climbing stairs, run and jump.
If it is difficult for the child won't be able to stand or walk...
The weakness is in your hands. What you are seeing. Examples of problems with the power supply, the reading/writing/drawing/typewriting, scratching or washing your hair. The other children find it difficult to lift objects on top of their heads, turn to the door handles, or button their shirts. If your weakness is strong, and the child will start to drop objects.

A weakness of the eye. Weak facial muscles to be the cause of drooping eyelids or difficulty moving the eyes. A saggy face, the crooked smile, can also be displayed. Do you see any problems with sucking, swallowing, or speaking?
The weakness in the newborn. Infants who are not yet able to walk can have the experience a loss of motor milestones, or loss of, a good level of development.

These include new problems, with a twist, sit down, load it, and pulling it up. In the first few months, you'll be a loss to the head and support drag and drop or later. You may also have a weak cry or suck on.

Cause or Etiology[Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty]

Most of the causes of the re-emerging mood disorders are serious. The real weakness indicates a disease of the spinal cord or the nerves. Nerves carry messages from the spinal cord to the muscles of the arms and legs. The diseases that lead to weakness of the muscles are very rare.

For most of the children who have not developed a weakness for the very first time, a special test to get the right diagnosis.

The specific Causes of New borne muscle weakness

Severe spinal cord disease leads to paralysis. This is the polio vaccine. Polio has been nearly eradicated around the world. There have been no cases in the U.S. since 1979. Now, this only happens in 2 countries.

Acute Flaccid myelitis
A rare spinal infection. It works just the same as polio. This is caused by a sharp weakness in the arms or legs, or in one or more of the sites. The main reason was an enterovirus. Since 2014, the number of such cases has increased.
Guillain-Barre syndrome
Severe nervous weakness starts in the legs and moves on to the body for a few days. This will affect the same parts of the body on both sides. It may be followed by a number of viral infections.

Tick-borne paralysis
A rare case of a tick that has been enabled for the next 5 days or less. It is often concealed in your hair. As soon as the plug is removed, the weakness of will. This can take anywhere from a few hours up to several days.

Some species are toxic and can lead to weakness, often with confusion.

Hepatitis b, C and muscular pain, bone and muscle pain, with a number of viral infections such as the flu. The pain can be sure that the children are not willing to walk away. No, that's not a weakness. The pain lasts from a few days up to a week.

Diabetes Mellitus
Some babies experienced IDDM from birth. If the mother suffered from Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, it can be happed. The baby looks lethargic, with no energy even no active movement sometimes.

Homeopathic medicine for Baby weakness (Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

Cinchona Officinalis 6 is good medicine for lack of muscular coordination and instant energy.
Take one drop in a half cup of water and give one teaspoon full from it, twice for 2 days.

Gelsemium 6 is another good medicine for weakness, give it in the same manner.

If there is any viral affection, start with Arsenic album 30 in the same manner. but need doctors' consultation in every case for the baby.

Lecithin Q 2 drops in a TSF two times a day, where there assimilation problem. It can help to some extent.

N.B Here mention 0 - 5 years baby.
Mind it, causation should reveal out.

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