4 essential question should ask when going to a physician

ask when going to a physician

When a patient goes to the doctor, it is necessary to ask some questions regarding his health or disease.
Patients sometimes go to the doctor for a regular health check-up or for disease and knowing about the health condition or how to rescue from that!
But we forget to ask some questions and here the question arises and complication starts.

It is a good practice and right to know about health from a registered medical practitioner. If your doctor educated should give you answer if your doctor quack, can avoid the answer and the complication starts.

Asking questions is the key to good communication with your health care provider. If you don't ask essential questions, he or she may assume that you already know the answer, or that you do not have the information required. Don't wait for your doctor to decide on a specific question or topic, or they may not know, it is important to you. Be active. Ask questions if you don't know what is the meaning of a word (e.g., abdominal aortic aneurysm, high blood pressure, or heart attack), or if the instructions are not clear (for example, when taking the drug with food prior to, during, or after a meal.)

1. "To know about parameters(Expert Homeopathy: Dr. Anutosh Chakraborty)

The patient always forgets to ask about parameters or is afraid to ask it. Medical terms are mostly unknown by common innocent people.


Q: Patient: Doctor what is the status of my parameters like Blood Pressure, Pulse, Anemia, Jaundice, Edema, Cyanosis, Weight, Height, Chest condition, and Heart condition!

A: Doctor: If no answer, avoid that doctor. It is medical negligence, of that doctor is quack or lack of knowledge. If educated, should you answer? and a physician should check the below parameters in his clinic. Otherwise should not visit that type of doctor.

The normal parameters like below:

BP - 120/80 mm of hg or as per age.
Pulse - 72 / minutes
Heart sound - S1>S2 audible(R)
Chest - Both lungs with all lobes should be clear
Anemia - 0
Jaundice - 0
Cyanosis - 0
Edema - 0
Weight - as per height

2. "To know about Probable Diagnosis".

Q: Patient: Doctor, I am suffering for a long time or some few days in this condition, What is my diagnosis!

A: Doctor: Yes, it is a good question. I need some history for probable diagnosis, please assist me and I shall advise some investigation for confirmation, please do it.

In this way, you will get your answer properly.

3. "To know about Prescription from your doctor"

Q: Patient: Doctor, is this medicine available everywhere or common medicine, that I can buy easily!
Doctor, please understand me about this prescription, about doses what you wrote here, and name of medicine clearly, side effect and if possible, please write generic name of medicine instead of brand.

A. Doctor: Certainly! please see or go to my assistance.

4. "Is my disease curable or not!" - Vital question

Q:Patient: Doctor, is my disease is curable or not!

A: Doctor: If curable: Definitely! you need some days or 2 to 3 visits. Because a doctor should know the prognosis of the disease.

If not curable: I have to study your case history thoroughly then give you an answer, please ask to your guardian to call me once.


Being a physician, I face many questions on a regular basis. I published four questions that should ask a doctor or health provider. The patients get treatment as per their choice but afraid to ask these questions and then complication starts. So we need to avoid this unwanted situation to ask some essestial questions from health providers.

Thank you.

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