Diarrhea and Homeopathy

Diarrhea is increased frequency of stool or liquidity of feces. There may be including blood also.


Acute diarrhea: Discussed under acute gastro-enteritis

Chronic diarrhea: It is not a disease but a symptom of many diseases and disorders

Diarrhea closely following intake of food

  1. Sensitive gastro-colic reflex
  2. After gastric operation
  3. Inflammation of colon

Homeopathic medicines
Aloe soc, Apis, Arg.Nit, Croton Tig

Diarrhea with pain

  1. Infective disease of intestine
  2. Ulceration of intestine
  3. Neoplasms
  4. Spastic colon

Homeopathic medicines
Aloe soc, Belladonna, Chammomila, Cinchona off, Cuprum ars

Painless diarrhea

  1. Gastrogenous diarrhea
  2. Nervous diarrhea
  3. Malabsorption syndrome
  4. Pancreatic insufficiency

Homeopathic medicines
Baptisia, Cinchona off, Ferrum Met, Gelsemium, Phosphoric acid

Irritable bowel syndrome

  1. Due to altered reflexes of the intestines
  2. Often related to psychogenic illness. Usually the patient do not agree to a suggestion that he or she is having any psychogenic illness

  1. Diarrheal
  2. Constipation
  3. Alternating diarrhea and constipation

Homeopathic medicines
Antim crudum, Chellidonium Majas, Nux vomica, Sulphur

Diarrhea in elderly patients

  1. Neoplasm of colon
  2. Diverticulitis 
  3. Misuse of purgative

Homeopathic medicines
Antim Crud, Carbo Veg, Sulphur

Diarrhea with palpable tenderness in right iliac fossa

  1. Tumors of cecum or colon
  2. Crohn's disease
  3. T.B entero-colitis
  4. Amebic colitis

Homeopathic medicines
Arsenicum album, Ars iodum, Baptisia, Cinchona off, Phosphorus

Diarrhea with palpable mass in left iliac fossa

  1. Carcinoma sigmoid colon
  2. Diverticulitis

Homeopathic medicines
Aconitum nap, Argentum nit, Gelsemium, Opium, Phosphoric acid, Mer sol

Nocturnal diarrhea

  1. Explosive, waking the patient at night
  2. As complication of diabetes mellitus
  3. Multiple jejunal diverticulosis

Homeopathic medicines
Arsenicum albun, Cinchona off, Pulsatilla, Rhus toxicodendron

  1. Rehydration 
  2. Take 'diet C' or soft rice
  3. Rest
  4. In severe case, go to health care center
  5. Sometimes need Isotonic fluids, when prognosis is poor

  1. History and physical examination
  2. RE stool
  3. Internal radiology: Barium meal follow through and Barium enema examination
  4. Colonoscopes

[NB: All medicines are probable medicine, must take advice from physician]

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