Homeopathic Medicines of glomus tumor

First we've to understand what's Glomus body?

The Glomus body is situated under dermis layer, there are two layers of skin a) Dermis or internal layer and b) Epidermis or outer layer of skin. The function of it generally maintain the body temperature and consists arteriovenous shunt surrounded by a capsule of tissue and typically situated under figures and toes where death cells arise just after.

This tumor is rare and mostly benign in nature sometimes it turns in malignant when left untreated for long time or does not care over it.

'Glomus' tumors are formed by afferent arterioles , anastomotic vessel, and collecting venules like ganglion over the wrist or shoulder or any site of nerve endings where nerves are anastomosing and showing like tumor both histologically or biologically,

when smooth muscle overlapping this area and fused on the capsule of tissue of arterovenules then forms Glomus tumor.

Sign and Symptoms :--

Somebody believe if any pressure occurs over artery or vein that area will become bluish and elevation of nail bed can occur.

Here it can be painful because it happens under dermis layer of skin where nerve endings are situated this tumor occurs over expose area or working points generally..

Treatment by Homeopathy:--

Whether involves vessels then Arnica montana 200 is that the first medicine 

Doses: 2 drops in every 3 days interval within the morning in empty stomach

along with rue 200 in same manner

Hamamelis Verginiana 6 

2 drops twice daily before breakfast and evening until cure takes place..

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