(Yellow color is corona affected area)


Nowadays this droplet infection is the main discussion though out the earth. All countries worry about this unknown viral effect. Many peoples say this is man-made and comes from animals. Scientists are always searching for new events and discoveries or inventions. But now this invention is back to destroy the human being.
Before invention any destructive body, scientists should discover prevention at the same time, otherwise, that invention may hurt their own.

What is Coronavirus( CoV ) ?
It is a form of the virus comes from animal and spread though out the human. The animal has the immunity to protect it but for humans, it can be dangerous.

What is Corona Virus disease?
Here we see respiratory tract infection can spread from person to person and may lead to pneumonia.

What are the symptoms?
Fever, mild to high
Cough, Preliminary loose, and then hard
Shortness of breath 

What is precaution?
Keep distance who are suspected to like these symptoms
Keep hand always clean
Do not rub eyes, nose, lips with unhealthy or unclean hand

What to do if the virus is affected?
Must use mask
Clean rooms
Stay home when you are sick
Consult physician

Is there any immunization?
Actually, no virus can be immunized. Those immunization programs are well known in the market, all are under the asking mark.
There is no immunization for coronavirus.

Incubation Period
Generally 1 to 14 days. But symptoms appear mostly in 5 days.

What Laboratory tests are for Coronavirus?

Serology test
Molecular test


I prescribed four medicines for this disease likely to the epidemic, all are to be given simultaneously.

BRYONIA ALBA 30 / KALI CARBONICUM 30 - 2 drops twice daily until cure takes place

ARSENICUM ALBUM 30 - Here If sneeze along with other symptoms - 2 drops twice daily until cure takes place.

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM 3X - 4 tabs twice daily until cure takes place.

GELSEMIUM S 30 - 2 drops twice daily until cure takes place.

One of my patients was affected by CORONA VIRUS and cured Homeopathically. I have shown here, Patient's name is not displayed due to Medico's legal point of view.
Though I have cured many more Covid 19 afflicted patients. 

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