Head Lice: Expert Homeopathy

Head Lice

LICE or LOUSE (singular) may be a sort of wingless insect which dwells on the host's (usually mammals and birds) scalp.

They are the scavengers feeding on our blood and sweat and if got rid of from the host, they die soon.

Homeopathic Medicines

Staphysagria- Severe inflammation, itching, redness of scalp after scratching due to lice.

Carbolic acid- one among the chief medicines for lice, utilized in mother tincture form for local application on hair. Burning and ulceration of skin after itching.

Sabadilla- Lice affecting the skin of whole body surface and head. Burning, Hot, Crawling and Creeping sensation of the whole body. Very effective in low potencies.

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