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Glaucoma is a disease condition which affects the eyes, especially optic nerve and in most cases is associated with elevated intraocular pressureOptic nerve is the main nerve of eye, which transmits images from retina of eye to brain, which help us to see those images. Intraocular pressure is the pressure within the eye caused by a nourishing liquid of eye called Aqueous Humor. This liquid is produced and drained by the eyes. But Glaucoma can also happen if this pressure is normal.

Glaucoma can damage the Optic nerve and can cause peripheral vision loss which may progress to irreversible blindness, if not treated timely.
Most people with Glaucoma are not even aware of the disease, since in most cases it is asymptomatic in the beginning. Hence it is important to check eyes routinely especially after 40 years of age.

Homeopathic Medicines

 An effective remedy for Glaucoma with affected vision. Person sees greenish or rainbow colours around the light. Weeping mood is marked.

 Wonderful remedy for Glaucoma, where there is narrow field of vision with optic nerve atrophy. Sensation as if everything around is covered with mist & dust. Coloured vision followed by headache. Suits tall slender people who grow rapidly and then stoop. There is marked susceptibility to external impressions like light, sound, touch, etc.

 Remedy for Glaucoma that occurs after injury. Pain over eyes, cannot raise eyelids. Bloody red eyes with burning.

 Glaucoma in people who are always cold, chilly and lack vital heat. Aversion to daylight which causes dazzling and sharp pain in the eyes. Vision affected, letters run together on reading. Patient characteristically feels cold before symptoms appear. Symptoms worse in winter.

 Good remedy for Glaucoma with intense pressure in the eyeballs, which increases on turning the eyes. Eyes hurt on moving them and become too large.

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