The 'Glaucoma', a condition where affects the eyes, especially nervus opticus and in most cases is related to increased pressure .Transmit of images from retina of eye to brain with this nerve which helps to ascertain those images. The pressure caused by a nourishing liquid of eye called aqueous humor .

This fluid is produced and drained by the eyes. But if this pressure is normal, 'Glaucoma' can also occur.

This disease can damage the nervus opticus and may cause sight loss which can reach irreversible blindness, if not treated timely.

Most of patient are innocent of the disease, since in most cases it's asymptomatic within the beginning. So it is necessary to regular check of eyes after 40 years.

Homeopathic Medicines

OSMIUM METALLICUM: Here in this remedy for Glaucoma with affected vision, person sees greenish or rainbow colors round the light. Weeping mood is marked.

PHOSPHORUS: Here in this medicine. there we see in the eyes, narrow field of vision with nervus opticus atrophy. Coloured vision followed by headache. Mostly tall slender people that grow rapidly then stoop. Marked susceptibility to external impressions like, sound, light, touch, etc. The patient's desire for cold water.

PHYSOSTIGMA: Remedy for Glaucoma that happens after injury. Pain over eyes, cannot raise eyelids. Bloody red eyes with burning.

SILICEA: Here This remedy is used in Glaucoma, where there is lack of vital heat, patient is susceptible to cold and can not bear sunlight which causes dazzling and sharp pain within the eyes. Vision affected, letters run together on reading. Patient characteristically feels cold before symptoms appear. Symptoms worse in winter.

SPIGELIA: In this medicine there is  intense pressure within the eyeballs, which increases on turning the eyes. Eyes feel soreness on moving them and become overlarge .

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