Paraplegia may be a condition where both the lower limbs are affected or paralysis. it's a functional disturbance in motor or sensory nerves of lower limbs. Actually the affected area is medulla spinalis , where the medulla spinalis is affected either thoracic or lumber or sacral regions where from the spinal nerves are originated.


  • Trauma for the accident or by any means
  • Upper motor neuron lesion
  • Spinal disease is that the commonest cause like Acute transverse myelitis, syphilis
  • Compression paraplegias
  • Meningeal tumor, subdural abscess, tuberculosis
  • Chronic malnutrition
  • Toxins
  • Radiation myelopathy
  • Systemic degeneration of tracts, MS etc.

  • There could also be pain along side tingling sensation within the whole trunk or legs
  • Disability to steer or move
  • May be there breathing problem
  • Loss of control micturation and bowel movements
  • Sexual disability may arise


  • X-RAY of whole spine
  • CT-SCAN of whole spine
  • MRI of whole spine

Physical therapy , Rehabilitation and Motivation


Atropha Belladonna 30 one dose twice daily
Cocculus Ind 30 one dose twice daily
Kali Phos 6X four tabs twice daily
Gelsemium 6/30 one dose twice daily in acute case in chronic case it should be 200 in potency
Causticum 200 one dose twice during a week

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