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Fibromyalgia is a medical condition where the whole body is suffering from chronic pain throughout the body.
The character of pain is cramping or dull pain or stitching sometimes... Sometimes feel as if the pain comes from inside the body and can't explain...

The patient says I am feeling pain in the whole body like back, shoulder, arm, forearm, legs even chest.

Doctors are often puzzled, that what's this!!
We investigate orthopedic-related tests. But no issue has been found !!!
Experienced doctors only do believe this condition, because this is a sign, which is expressed by the patient only.

Actually, the most cause is unknown.

anxiety, tension, stress, depression, disturbed sleep for long times, chronic fatigue and lots of more could also be the explanation for it...
Females are more affected than males.


No specific management is scheduled for it.
The main thing is happiness. If our mind is fulfilled with happiness, fibromyalgia can be less or abolish.

Medication / Treatment::

Hypericum200 + Rhus Tox 30
(1+1)drop twice daily morning and evening.
Mag Phos 6X, 4 tabs four times daily before lunch and dinner
Cuprum Met 30 one drop twice daily.
If the pain comes from bones or persists, Add Symphytum 200.

Doctor's consultation is mandatory and wishes case taking for constitutional treatment for more betterment...

Thank you.

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