Throat is a gross term. Some parts together are called throat.

Parts of throat
  1. Palate: There are two palates, a) Soft palate b) Hard palate
  2. Epiglottis or uvula probably same term: It works when food comes to esophagus, it keeps close trachea and that's why foods do not enter in the trachea .
  3. Larynx: It is a part of throat external or after buccal cavity ends, the main function is sound emmition from throat.
  4. Nasopharynx: It is the connector from Nasal cavity to larynx, situated behind the buccal cavity.
  5. Another part is Eustachian tube.

  1. Helps to food retain in mouth
  2. Food comes in stomach through esophagus with the activity of muscles of buccal cavity
  3. Oxygen and Carbon di-oxide exchange through nasopharynx
  4. Protect lung from solids with the help of Epiglottis
  5. Secrets certain enzymes for carbohydrate metabolism such as ptyalin and maltase
  6. Protect body outer agents which are harmful
  7. Helps in speech
  8. Helps in breathing

Homeopathic medicine for some oral disease

Pain/Tonsillitis/Itching inside – Heper Sulph 200 twice daily

Bones in Throat – Silicea 200 one dose stat and wait

Ulcer in Mouth/Ulcer over tongue/Black spot – Merc Sol 200 twice daily

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