There are lots of dental problem, such as
  1. Pain in tooth
  2. Carries
  3. Bleeding gum
  4. Looseness of tooth
  5. Yellowish of tooth
  6. Black tooth
  7. Wisdom tooth
  8. Decaying
  9. Syphilitic tooth or spiky tooth
  10. Absence of matured tooth
The homeopathic medicine in preliminary stage is very effective in some cases, but when need to surgery or extraction, definitely should do as per condition.

For bleeding or pain in tooth Plantago Q and Creosotum Q is very effective for external application with dry cotton. Another medicine is Calendula off Q for external use.

Pain/Wisdom tooth/Black spot/bleeding gums/Pus/Bad smell/Decaying –
Heper Sulph 200 twice daily

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