Dental: Expert Homeopathy


There are lots of dental problems, such as
  1. Pain in tooth
  2. Carries
  3. Bleeding gum
  4. Looseness of tooth
  5. Yellowish of tooth
  6. Black tooth
  7. Wisdom tooth
  8. Decaying
  9. Syphilitic tooth or spiky teeth
  10. Absence of matured tooth
The homeopathic medicine in the preliminary stage is very effective in some cases, but when the need for surgery or extraction, definitely should do as per the condition.

Reasons for tooth holes 

Tooth holes are brought about by plaque, a tacky substance that ties to teeth. Plaque is a blend of: 




food particles 

Everybody has microorganisms in their mouth. After eating or drinking food sources with sugar, microbes in your mouth transform sugar into corrosive. Plaque begins shaping on your teeth before long, eating or drinking anything sweet. This is the reason ordinary brushing is significant. 

Plaque adheres to your teeth, and the corrosive in plaque can gradually disintegrate tooth finish. Polish is a hard, defensive covering on your teeth that secures against tooth rot.  

Everybody is in danger of cavities, yet a few groups have a higher danger. Hazard factors include: 

such numerous sweet or acidic food sources and beverages 

helpless oral cleanliness normal, like neglecting to brush or floss day by day 

not getting sufficient fluoride 

dry mouth 

dietary problems, like anorexia and bulimia 

heartburn sickness, which can bring about stomach corrosive wearing out your tooth lacquer 

Depressions foster all the more regularly in the back teeth, as per the Mayo Clinic. These teeth have furrows and openings that can trap food particles. Additionally, these teeth are once in a while harder to arrive at when brushing and flossing.

Homeopathic medicine / Treatment

For bleeding or pain in the tooth, Plantago Q and Kreosotum Q are very effective for external application with dry cotton. Another medicine is Calendula off Q for external use.

Pain/Wisdom tooth/Black spot/bleeding gums/Pus/Bad smell/Decaying –
Hepar Sulph 200 twice daily

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