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Hairs are elastic keratinized threads that develop from the epidermis and extend down into the subcutaneous tissue. They vary in length from 1 mm to 1500 mm and their thickness is 0.05 to 0.5 mm.

Their hairs are present all over the skin except palms, soles, and urogenital apertures. Each hair has a free shaft projected beyond the surface of the skin and a root embedded in the tubular hair follicle in the skin.

Composition of hairs
  1. Cuticle: It is a single layer of scale-like cells that overlap
  2. Cortex: is the middle portion of the hair
  3. It constitutes the main part of the shaft and is formed of elongated cells united to form flattened fibers. These fibers contain pigment granules in dark hair and air in white hair.
  4. The medulla is the inner layer and is composed of rows of many-sided cells. These cells frequently contain air spaces, The hairs of the head and the fine hairs covering the surface of the body do not possess the medulla.
  5. The hair follicle has two parts: Epidermal and dermal. The extended lower part of the follicle is named a hair bulb which is indented at the basal end by a connective tissue papilla.

  1. The presence of hair protects the body from the extreme temperature of the environment by acting as an insulator, especially in animals of cold countries.
  2. Scalp hairs protect the head from mechanical injury as well as from heat, rays.
  3. The hair also does the tactile receptor function.
  4. Hair serves a sexual function in promoting the evaporation of the apocrine sweat and the accompanying characteristic odor that goes along with it provides a sexual attraction for the lower animals.

Homeopathic medicines
  1. Hair loss & Boldness: Ustilago 200 one dose / day
  2. Infection overhead: Mezereum 200 one dose in alternate days where there is a crust with discharge
  3. Graying of hair: Silicea 12X 4 tabs twice daily, another medicine is Acid Phos 6
  4. Fragile hair: Mezereum 200 one dose in alternate days
  5. Dandruff and Lice: Mezereum 200 one dose in alternate days

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